Muharram For Kids

Newly Released Ebook for kids coming 9/15/17! 

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Founder, author, designer, wife and mom of 6. My quest is to remind mothers of the blessings of motherhood and provide simple tips to attain relief. My Love for Allah SWT and his beloved Prophet SAW inspire me to spread a peaceful message through the woes of parenthood. Forgive me for any error for only God is Perfect. My writing is a reminder to others, but mostly myself, about the temporary and difficult challenges of this world for an everlasting and beautiful hereafter. Insha'Allah may we meet there someday.

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4 Replies to “Muharram For Kids”

  1. asalaamoalaikum,

    was searching for a dhul hijjah explanation for my four year old all over and finally found it in your blog through kinza but its not opening!! You have a wonderful blog mashaAllah


  2. Assalamoalikum ..masha Allah sister u have very nice blog..i really enjoyed while reading article on how to tell kids about Muharram on it and when i read ur introduction i was really impressed that masha Allah u are mom of 6 children and really very active and productive muslimah at the same time ..i always wonder how come active ladies manage their timings ?!!.it will really a motivating article if u cud write on ur time schedule so that other moms like me cn have an idea about the routine and also how to start teaching ur toddlers about islam .jazak Allah u khair for such a beautiful blog

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam sister. Thank you for your lovely comment, what kind words you express to my humble efforts. Yes sister it is challenging to keep up with other interests with little kids, but Muslimommy is actually an outlet for me (I promote mothers to have other interests). I cannot speak for all women who are active, but I can say that Muslimommy and MuslimKidsDigest all tie in to my life so it does not seems like a whole lot of extra work. What I mean to say. is that I still have to teach my children the things I post, so it keeps me on track and helps me to share this with others. Also, it is a way to do charitable work without leaving my home and kids. It actually has enriched my life and this is from Allah. I believe that anything you put your mind to, can be done, especially when your intentions are pure. Inshallah I can write on this more in the future, but I encourage you sister, to find the things you love and remember who you are as a woman, then you can be an amazing wife and mother.

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