The Mi’raj Part 1 – Story of Ta’if

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2 thoughts on “The Mi’raj Part 1 – Story of Ta’if”

  1. Assalamu Alaikum sister, I find your digest to beautiful and easy to read that I intend to use it for grand children…. one is only 9 months old and the other two are due in August.. Insha Allah. I am printing this with the hopes to read to them as soon as I can. Shukran for your efforts to make teaching our deen to the very young easy.

    1. Wa Alaikum sister Kamilah. Jazakallah khair for your very kind words of praise. Alhmadulillah, Allah is Great for aiding our efforts. Inshallah may your grandchildren be born healthy and may they all grow up to be of the mu’mineen, ameen. Your words came at a time when I needed a bit of encouragement, Subhanallah, so thank you once again for the uplifting comment.

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