Overcoming The Challenges of Motherhood Audio Interview


Muslimommy was featured on a popular radio station recently Alhamdulillah. It was quite unexpected as I am more suited behind the scenes of my laptop writing my posts whenever I can fit in some time. But Allah SWT works in mysterious ways as it was a surprise to be invited to share my thoughts over air and with so many listeners overseas. I’ll be honest, I was nervous at first when I remembered that what I say stays put, and there is no editing my thoughts if I make an error. But my host was ever so welcoming and made me feel as if we were simply having a chat over a hot cup of tea and cookies. I knew that by the guidance of Allah (swt) I could do this, and that I should do this for Muslim mommies everywhere who needed a little bit of inspiration and to feel that they don’t struggle with motherhood alone.

I was emailed a few weeks ago by The Voice of the Cape Radio Station which airs daily in Cape Town, South Africa (yay one of my hometowns as a child). My interview was a casual question and answer session on the Morning Expresso Show, and my host was the delightful sister Mishka Daries, who interviewed me on the topic, “Overcoming the Challenges of Motherhood”.

I hope the interview benefits a few mommies in a positive way InshAllah. Click below if you want to listen to the interview on how I cope with motherhood or to learn more about little ol’ me behind the scenes.

Overcoming the Challenges of Motherhood

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2 thoughts on “Overcoming The Challenges of Motherhood Audio Interview”

  1. Your interview was so inspiring and sincere ….delivered with confidence and great advice. Masha Allah I’m so proud of you! You touch more hearts then you know. I love how your advice always ties in with our deen…. A true Mu’ meen.

    1. Alhamdulillah dear sister Nasrana, Jazakallah for your lovely words. I am only a servant of Allah, trying to deliver a little support to change our mindset as mommies, so if I can help one or many sisters to be patient with the hardship of motherhood by making them realize they are not alone and that Jannah is our salvation, then InshaAllah that is my reward, ameen. I’m glad you liked the interview, I’m hoping to bring some audio to MM in the future Inshallah. Take care sis and once again, your words were much appreciated, may Allah Reward you for your kindness!

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