A Mother’s Touch

MMmothers touch

You wouldn’t know her by her gentle, firm hands or the scars on her tummy. Not even by the tiny smudge of mashed veggies wedged inside her hair. It’s her selflessness, her patience and her unconditional love that gives it away.

She is… a mother.

The caring voice you hear, warning of danger. The soothing voice you hear, consoling a tantrum. That squishy hug you received, took no effort on her part. She is the gooey-glue that holds her family together, ensuring that all things are running smooth.

That’s the beauty of a mother… she’s always, always giving.

From the very first moment her eyes meet her child, she falls in love. A love that gives her endurance during many sleepless nights. A love so strong she can see no harm come to her child.

“She becomes a protective force-field called Mom.”

She masters the “silly” eyes, the baby voice, and the zoom-zoom of a flying spoon. Mothers do anything to please their child, to see them smile, to hear their giggles. It’s as if she’s been doing this all her life.

Have a problem? Need advice? Missing something? Mom has the answers. Who needs Google when you have a mom! From running errands and playing carpool, to combating homework and tantrum dilemmas, she possesses a strength that truly amazes.

What can’t this woman do you ask? She can’t appreciate herself, that’s what. She doesn’t understand her worth or see herself as the gem that she is. The truth is… there’s no one in the world that could take her place. She’s incredible!

A mother is a blessing unto all of us from Allah (SWT). Her status in Islam is of a high calibre. With all the sacrifices she makes, we can understand why Jannah lies beneath a mother’s feet.

To all mothers out there, smile… you’re doing a superb job! For those of you who have lost your precious gems, it’s not too late… You can always fill her Qabr with the light of prayer. Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur’an, to pray for our parents.

“My Lord, be merciful to them as they have brought me up in childhood.” (Surat al-Isra’, 17: 24)

The world without our parents, especially a mother – the beautifully wrapped gift given to us by our Creator – would certainly be a dull place. So I raise my hands in du’aa and thank Allah for making my life a whole lot brighter.

*Dedicated to my mother, who brought up 6 pretty awesome children and is still going at it Alhamdulillah!

 Author Sister Fatima – Studying journalism and memorizing the Holy Qur’an. Eloquent and beautiful words have always captured my attention, and when I read the Glorious Qur’an, it captured my heart. I believe that there are mountains of knowledge, but we have yet to stumble upon it. Every day we should learn something about our Deen… something inspiring, something motivational, and something interesting. My aim is to inspire and warm the hearts of others while I journey on this path of knowledge, and through this, I hope to get closer to Almighty Allah (SWT)

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