A Review of Miraj Audio Stories For Kids

Miraj Audio uses the power of storytelling to help children experience the beauty of Islam and engage with its values and tradition. They stimulate the imagination and excite curiosity, by genuinely engaging children with the wonder of Islam and the reward of knowledge.


My children are big fans of Miraj Audio children’s stories and they love to listen to the tales as they fall asleep at night, drive in the car on trips, or listen as they color. The best part about these well-told, animated stories, is that they can imagine vividly what is happening, just by listening to the quality narration and sound effects.

Miraj Audio’s quality is what we were most impressed with. The audio recordings are very clear, the sound effects are appropriate and relevant, and the light presence of music was subtle. I liked that they offer a non-music version as well, to cater to people’s different tastes and opinions which takes extra effort and time. May Allah Reward them Inshallah.

“We enjoyed that there were talking animals and funny voices, this made us want to listen some more. We loved hearing about the different Prophets and their adventures, and we found that the stories were neither too short, nor too long, so it kept our attention all the way to the end”. – Asiya, age 12

My children have always loved audio books. When I am busy and cannot read to them as much as I would like, good audio books are especially helpful. The problem is in finding good content for kids that are engaging as well. We occasionally try audio books from the library, but sometimes we want a story that is close to our hearts with an Islamic lesson and a strong moral to learn. Miraj has served a niche that was sorely lacking for Muslim children, and it is with utmost pleasure that I recommend their audio books as a quality learning, yet enjoyable tool for children to expand their imaginations and keep them enthralled in a journey of discovery.

About the Founders


“There are two sounds we have learned to love. One is the silence that enfolds children when they’re gripped by our stories. The other is the noisy chatter that breaks out afterwards, when the last sound fades and everyone wants another story.” – Miraj Audio

AbdulMateen Sansom is the sound designer and Adiba Ataeva is the radio producer. They wanted their son to spend more time away from the TV and to learn about Islam in an inspiring way. Their son loved listening to stories, but the audio books on Islam that they found, could not compete with the stories about moles, dragons and super-heroes. So they thought that if they could not find an Islamic equivalent, that was produced at a high standard, they will have to produce it themselves, and so the Miraj Audio journey began.

I was really happy to discover Miraj Audio, because it fills the need of a Muslim child who wants exciting and great stories of Islam read to them. When my children listened to the first tale, they were hooked, and by the end they were wanting more stories. With Miraj Audio, they are constantly adding new stories to their library, which is such a bonus, but my children also enjoy listening to all the tales over and over again. Here are the stories that we have sampled already.

The Sad Camel – A story about treating animals with respect

sadcamel_0A camel named Ibil, whose master does not look after him, feed him well or keep him clean. Instead, he makes him work all day and beats him with a stick. He becomes known all over Medina, as ‘the sad camel’ and not as Ibil. But one day everything changes when Ibil meets the Prophet (saw).

My children listened to The Sad Camel story, which they found to be a moving and beautiful story because of the presence of the Prophet (saw). The sound of the camel’s silly voice made them giggle, they loved the sound of the animals, and the happy ending.

Nuh and the Great Flood – A story about the bravery of Prophet Nuh (a.s)

Nuh_0Leena the Lizard, a tortoise, a parrot and a cool cat called Kamran, who find themselves caught up in the Great Flood prophesied by Nuh (a.s). While Leena and the crew keep young listeners entertained, it is the Prophet Nuh (a.s) who is the real hero, preaching the word of Allah bravely for 950 years!

My children listened to Nuh and the Great Flood and found this story to take an unexpected turn by the presence of talking animals! They found the animals banter to be amusing and loved that the story was about one of their all-time favorite Prophet – Nuh (a.s).

Dawood and the Giant – A story about having belief in Allah (swt)

dawood_0A poor shepherd boy, Dawood becomes a powerful king and wise prophet through his trust in Allah. As a boy, Dawood loves to look after his sheep and pray to Allah. But when a whole army of soldiers are too afraid to fight the terrifying giant, Jaloot, Dawood steps forward, armed only with his sling, some pebbles, and his belief in Allah.

As my kids listened to Dawood and the Giant, they anxiously waited with bated breath for the fall of the giant, all the while wondering how tall he really was, and how Dawood (a.s) would defeat him. My sons really enjoyed how Prophet Dawood (a.s) showed his strength when he refused to drink from the water of the river.

Yunus and the Giant Fish – A story about the Mercy of Allah (swt)

YunusThe Prophet Yunus (A.S) goes on a mission to the city of Nineveh, to persuade the Ninevites to abandon their wicked ways and turn their hearts to Allah. But when Yunus meets resistance he gives up and runs away, only to find himself swallowed by a great sea monster.

Another wonderful story enjoyed by my children, is Yunus and the Giant Fish. This story kept them enthralled, and they gasped when the whale swallowed Prophet Yunus (a.s) whole! They loved the part when the people finally listened to Prophet Yunus (a.s) and became good.

Abdul Qadir’s Treasure – A story about trust in Allah (swt) and the value of honesty

abdulqadirThe cleverest boy in the class, Abdulqadir from the town of Jilan, sets off for Baghdad to study. He has forty gold coins cunningly hidden in his coat. In the desert, robbers attack his caravan. Abdulqadir is captured and questioned. Will he tell them where his treasure is hidden? Think about it, would you tell the truth? Find out what Abdulqadir did in this enthralling version of a true story re-told for children.

When my children listened to Abdul Qadir’s Treasure, they admired the son who was very honest and always told the truth. They were pleased when the bad guy became Muslim by seeing the actions of a boy who showed a good example.

A Gift of the Sands  – A story about jewels, arrogance and gratitude

AGiftoftheSandsV2It begins by the sea, when a seagull drops an oyster shell on a rock and a lovely pearl rolls out. But the story of that pearl ends far, far away, after all kinds of strange and exciting adventures. The pearl thinks she is destined for a Sultan’s crown ….But she finds in the end that contentment lives in a thankful heart.

Listening to A Gift of the Sands story, my children found the pearl who talked to be very entertaining, because it thought it was the greatest pearl in the world. They really enjoyed the choice of music at the end of the story as well.

Leyla the Sparrow – A story showing the beauty of the Prophet’s (saw) character

leyla_0Leyla sings the sweetest song of all the sparrows. But when her two chicks are born she has to stop her star performances in the ‘Dawn Chorus’ and concentrate on being a Mom. It’s hard teaching our young ones to fly for themselves and stay out of danger. And we’re not just talking about hungry cats with sharp claws. There is a dramatic encounter between Leyla’s chicks and followers of the Messenger of Allah.

Leyla the Sparrow is a nice, short story based on Hadith. My younger children loved the birds, especially the two little baby birds. They enjoyed hearing how the birds ate their favorite foods, and loved that the Prophet (saw) was part of the story. The chirpy bird tune was delightful and very cute.

Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part I – A story about the quality of leadership and the importance of compassion

salahdin-1Centuries ago, the great Muslim leader Salah ad-Din united the Islamic world. But brave as he was in battle, this servant of Allah was also wise and compassionate. When Hamid, a boy in Salah ad Din’s camp, catches a young crusader enemy, Salah ad-Din encourages a friendship between them. It revolves around a true battle but the plot and the characters have been vividly re-imagined, to create an absorbing adventure story.

Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part I is the first in a series of stories of the great leader, Salah-ad-Din. My children are enthralled by Salah ad-Din and his battles, and so this series was one of their personal favorites. In this story, they learned about good leadership and showing kindness even to one’s enemy.

Salah-ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part II – A story about a secret mission and the importance of keeping your word


The noble sultan, Salah-ad-Din needs more information, like whether reinforcements will arrive,  before he can attack the crusaders in the castle of Chastellet. The two boys in the story find themselves in a gripping adventure, which leads them towards a secret mission over the mountains.

This story is a continuation of the two characters from Salah-ad-Din and the Frankish Boy part I, who go on a mission to help Saladin’s army win the war. The story gives vivid imagery of the crusades from an Islamic point of view, through the eyes of two young boys. This story is the bridge between part 1 and part 3, and my children especially enjoyed the funny characters that are part of the series.

Salah-ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part III – A story which shows that science is as important as courage and strength

saladin-3_0On the day of the battle, Salah-ad-Din calls his Captains to discuss the plan for capturing the castle Chastellet. He emphasizes that the soldiers need to fight and win the battle fair and clean according to their faith. An unexpected and dramatic climax leads to end of the Salah-ad-Din and the Frankish Boy trilogy.

My children liked that the story shows well-thought out plans, that are put into action by the Muslims, and my sons loved the scene of the actual battle that took place. There was a beautiful ending of compassion and triumph, that makes you wish for more tales of Salah-ad-Din. These three stories taught my children the importance of keeping your word, and the good character of Salah-ad-Din.

Salah-ad-Din and the Wicked Prince – A story about obedience and putting your trust in Allah (swt)

SalahDinWickedPrince-WITH-URLMost of the stories about the wise and powerful Muslim leader, Salah-ad-Din are about his victorious battles. But this story is about one of his defeats, the battle to capture Jerusalem in Palestine from a crusader king and a wicked prince. Although the battle was lost, valuable lessons were learnt.

An absolute favorite story for my children, because of another challenging battle with the great leader Salah-ad-Din, but one that portrays a great message – that everyone makes mistakes, as long as we learn from our them.

The Ants and the Prophet – A story about the Prophet’s (saw) care of all creatures, both big and small


Ants have huge families, so it becomes really difficult for parent ants to take care of all their little children ants, especially when they have two curious children. When followers of the Prophet (saw) set up camp near their anthill, the daddy ant sees it as an opportunity to stock up on food, but his two little ones have other ideas that almost lead to disaster.

My children enjoyed the real-life story about the daily lives and interests of ants, and my younger children loved the cuteness of the little ants. It taught them that kids who are mischievous, can end up getting into trouble, and that all animals are to be respected, regardless of size.

Yusuf and His Amazing Dreams – A story about patience, forgiveness, reconciliation and faith

Yusuf_2This is the story of Prophet Yusuf (a.s), and is based on the Quranic sura ‘Yusuf’. It tells the true story of young Yusuf who is a dreamer and gets excited when he is told by his father that Allah (swt) has a special plan for him one day. Unfortunately his brothers’ jealousy lead them to do a terrible deed to their own brother Yusuf, which begins a journey of difficulty for him. He is sold into slavery and then sent to prison, but his gift of interpreting dreams, leads him to the palace of a king. His constant belief in Allah (swt) helps him to become a very important man and reunites him with his father once again.

Another of my childrens’ favorite stories of all time. They learnt about having patience and putting your trust in Allah (swt) from the actions of Yusuf’s (a.s) father. They also discovered what it means to have true strength of character by the actions of Prophet Yusuf (a.s ), and that Allah grants success to those who persevere and believe in Him.

Ibrahim and the Fire – The newest story in the Miraj Audio library about Prophet Ibrahim’s (a.s) bravery

Ibrahim RGBThis is a story of Prophet Ibrahim’s (a.s) struggles from a young age, as he was given the guidance of the One God, Allah (swt). This special knowledge and belief bring him many enemies, including his father, neighbors and a powerful king. Ibrahim (a.s) is thrown into a huge fire for his belief, but miraculously survives this incident, because of his trust in Allah (swt). He becomes one of the greatest Prophets by the Will of Allah.

My children were captivated by Ibrahim’s (a.s) bravery when he would not accept the beliefs of his people who worshipped idols. Even his own father was against him, and yet he continued to put his faith in Allah (swt). When he is thrown in the fire by the cruel king, my younger children could not believe he would survive, but they were relieved when they saw how Allah (swt) takes care of his devoted servants.

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  1. Audiobooks are a great alternative to watching tv/videos. They give children the chance to flex their ‘imagination muscle’ and dream up their own images to go with the story. They’re also perfect for long car rides.

  2. audio books are great for kids because they teach story telling and increase language skills, and are a great use of time in the car and on road trips

  3. My children love audio books. it is so important when learning to use all of our senses. The audio books are a welcome change from the tv and computer. Also it is something that the whole family can do together- a nice quiet activity before bedtime. We already have The story of Dawud, and Ibrahim and the fire and we love them! Amazing quality!

  4. Oh my! I am so excited about these stories My boys and I have been enjoying audiobooks for some time, especially in the car, and i can’t wait for Islamic stories to be added to the mix.
    Jazaki Allahu khairan for reviewing them and bringing them to our attention.

  5. I got to hear some of the stories before..It was in my plan to get those dvd’s for our car. Happy to see this in your give aways. Jzk

  6. We have been getting audio books from our local library, and my 4 year old now prefers listening to audio books over listening to nasheeds! I didn’t think she would have such an interest in listening to books, but it is all we listen to in the car now. I LOVE that Miraj Audio has taken into this realm of media for the Muslim community, alhamdulilah.

  7. What a wonderful canvas to help children develop a connection with the Islamic oral tradition and a love for Islamic stories. It teaches children that stories don’t just have to be in a book.

  8. These would be perfect for our annual road trips! With 4 kids in the car, I can see this appealing to all of them, ages 12-3.

  9. Audiobook will be great for kids because of recognition, knowledgable and memorization for their lifetime! They will always have it in their heart wherever they go.

    I love your blog!

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