How To Enjoy Ramadan During Haidh

How to enjoy Ramadan during haidh

Do not feel disheartened during haidh my dear sisters. Often we find ourselves almost dreading the week that we will not be able to pray. Ramadan is here and we don’t want to feel left out when everyone else is reaping the benefits of this blessed month. We feel isolated and disconnected from the spiritual elation of this month, causing us to miss out on the “feel” or “atmosphere” of Ramadan.

Haidh is a natural occurrence and should not be seen as an inconvenience. Allah (SWT) has given us several other ways to worship him and we should look to this as a means of gaining His pleasure, even during this time. So what can you do to enjoy Ramadan during haidh?

It is the Month of the Qur’an but I cannot read it at the moment…

No problem, why not listen to it instead? It is not only the reciter of the Qur’an that is rewarded, the one who listens to the Qur’an gains reward as well. Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that Rasulullah (SAW) said,

“Whoever listens to one ayat of the Holy Qur’an, there is written for him a twofold virtue, and whoever recites it, it shall be a noor for him on the Day of Judgement.”

It is the month of fasting but I cannot fast at the moment… 

No problem, why not act like the person who is in the state of fasting? Here are some DON’Ts and Do’s

  • Don’t eat and drink openly (as this will be an inconvenience to others)
  • Don’t backbite or slander
  • Don’t speak without purpose
  • Don’t listen or look at that which is unlawful
  • Don’t argue or fight
  • Don’t waste time (haidh doesn’t mean “holiday”)
  • Do use the miswaak frequently
  • Do remain in the state of wudhu
  • Do make repentance and plenty istighfar
  • Do help and assist others
  • Do seek beneficial knowledge
  • Do give charity and volunteer in serving the less fortunate
  • Do send plenty durood to the Prophet (SAW)

It is the month that Muslims pray taraweeh but I cannot pray it at the moment…

No problem, why not make your wudhu at the time of every Salaat and sit where one performs Salaat? Occupying oneself in Dhikr for the time it normally takes to complete one’s Salaat, is Mustahab. Muadh Ibn Jabal (RA) said that the Prophet (SAW)) said:
<blockquote><span style="color: #993300;">"The People of Paradise will not regret anything except one thing alone: the hour that passed them by in which they made no remembrance of Allah." (Narrated Bayhaqi in Shu
ab al-iman (1:392 no. 512-513)

Whilst in the state of wudhu one can also sit through the night engaging in dhikr and making dua for both your life in this world and the hereafter, remembering the ummah, remembering those who are ill, remembering  those who are victims of war, and remembering those who are less fortunate.

Alhamdulilah there is less reason to feel left out since there are so many ways to feel the joys of Ramadan during haidh. Let us pray that Allah (SWT) Grants us the strength to carry out these acts so that we will be able to make the most of this Ramadan… all 29 or 30 days of it Insha’Allah.

Author Sister Fatima – Studying journalism and memorizing the Holy Qur’an. Eloquent and beautiful words have always captured my attention, and when I read the Glorious Qur’an, it captured my heart. I believe that there are mountains of knowledge, but we have yet to stumble upon it. Every day we should learn something about our Deen… something inspiring, something motivational, and something interesting. My aim is to inspire and warm the hearts of others while I journey on this path of knowledge, and through this, I hope to get closer to Almighty Allah (SWT)

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