30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds Coloring Book

30 Ramadan Days of Good DeedsEnjoy another Ramadan download made especially for kids, to teach them to be charitable during 30 days of Ramadan. This Ramadan booklet has 30 good deed ideas, already thought-out and made kid-friendly and manageable for parents to participate with their children. The 30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds has been created for Muslimommy subscribers, so ‘pay it forward’ and leave your best ‘Ramadan good deed’ tip in the comments section below for others to benefit.

The 30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds is a Muslimommy exclusive. The 34-page coloring ebook, includes a page a day for your children to perform a good deed, and color the page in as well! At the end of the good deeds coloring pages, there is a ‘Good Deed Checklist’ page for them to tick off their completed good deeds. There is also a ‘Certificate of Merit’ page for your kids when they are done with their good deeds for Ramadan.

*A big JazakAllah khair to Arshia Shah for co-authoring the 30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds with me. May Allah reward her for her time and sacrifice.

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InshAllah may you and your children receive many benefits by learning and enjoying the month of Ramadan with us! Please keep us in your duas.

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