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With Eid around the corner, choosing gifts for our children, or for our family and friends is always challenging, but what saves the day, are always good books that teach morals and spirituality to children in a fun way. That is why I would like to recommend the wonderful published work of Elizabeth Lymer.

MashAllah Sr. Elizabeth is a talented writer and poet, and has successfully published over eight children’s books so far! Her newest two, “Hector Hectricity” and “Angels and Rainbows” look like delightful reads.

Elizabeth Lymer is a children’s author, who resides in Canterbury, UK. She homeschools her young children, runs a website at, ‘Rhymes and Stories,’ as well as started a new desktop publishing house at ‘Aneesa Books.’  As you can tell, Sr. Elizabeth is a busy mom and active Muslima, who loves to keep young children entertained with something new and exciting. My kids really enjoy her books! She says,

“I love writing children’s stories and nursery rhymes, especially to nurture bonding between parents and children, to facilitate fun, informal learning, and to celebrate harmonies between religious beliefs.”

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing two of her books, ‘Islamic Nursery Rhymes’ and ‘Religious Rhyme Time’ and found it to be delightful and well-written. In her Islamic Nursery Rhymes Book, Sr. Elizabeth converts well-known nursery rhyme tunes, into catchy versions tailored for Muslim children with an Islamic twist! The lovely illustrations by Fatimah Davies, add charm to her verses and make her book even more appealing.

In her Religious Rhyme Time book, Elizabeth Lymer appeals to the three major religions, and once again converts well-known children’s rhyme tunes, into spiritual verses about belief and Prophets. This rhyming book can be enjoyed by those of different faiths, which makes it more diverse. The illustrator, Fatimah Moore Ibrahim adds joyful and colorful drawings to the rhymes, that is sure to please the eyes of a child.

We also love Elizabeth Lymer’s Youtube channel, where she shares free audio of her rhymes from her published books so that children can follow along with their book to the tune of an old rhyme.

Elizabeth Lymer’s two books, Ramadan Rhymes, and Hajj Harmonies are coloring books, where children can color along for fun as they read and listen to her rhymes.

Sr. Elizabeth has made her work enjoyable for children and easy for parents to share rhythm and rhyme in a wholesome way. You can purchase her books through the links on each image. Thank you for your support.

Elizabeth Lymer earns the Muslimommy Approved stamp for providing kid-friendly and helpful parenting resources. She has also generously offered special gifts for Muslimommy subscribers. A copy of her book, Islamic Nursery Rhymes will be mailed to three randomly selected subscribers who leave their best parenting tip in the comments section.

JazakAllah Khair to Elizabeth Lymer for her dedication to the educational development of young children and her kind offer for Muslimommy subscribers.

*The giveaway has ended and a copy of  Islamic Nursery Rhymes has been mailed to our three winners: SR. JEANNETTE, SR. OMAIRA. and SR. SABAH – Mabrook!

You can find her wonderful books on Amazon!

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13 thoughts on “Children’s Books by Elizabeth Lymer”

  1. Let the kids learn wherever they go. Help them when they struggle with something. That’s where their love for you starts to grow!

    Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us. I’m so glad I came across your site!
    May Allah gives you reward for this.

    Much love!

  2. 1) following sister Elizabeth Lymer on FB
    2) subscribed to Muslim mommy
    3) schedule! We maintain a pretty regular schedule for meals and sleep which allows some predictability for our days and ensures we are well rested.

  3. Along the lines of connecting with your child, there are more benefits to time-ins than time-outs. When you need to pull a child from an activity, join them so they can unpack their emotions in a positive way and so they feel that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes and that mummy [or papa] will be there to support you through the process.

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    What has helped me a lot as a parent to a toddler at the moment is speaking in positive language as toddlers do not yet understand when we negate our speech. For example, rather than saying no yelling, instead say please speak softly. :)

  5. Salam alikom to you sister and to your subscribers. I think being patient is super important as a parent, just like in all areas of life. It’s also helpful to understand your child’s personality and remember that he/she is special and unique, alhumdulillah! Thanks for all that you do, jazak Allah khair!

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam Sr. Jeanette, sorry I replied to your comment incorrectly before. Waiyakum for your kind words of appreciation and for sharing your thoughts. You have been entered in the giveaway!

  6. My 2 cents on child discipline: discipline by ‘connecting’ first, then ‘correcting’ and remain calm and respectful in your tone. You can say I see you are mad. Please speak using your words so I can hear you-no whining, pick child up and hold his legs firmly.Keep legs to yourself please.No kicking.

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