Muslim Women Secrets to Success Course *Special Offer*

Assalamu alaikum amazing Ladies! Alhamdullilah. I pray your Ramadan was a month filled with blessings for you, and that all your coming days continue to be filled with God’s endless gifts.

At the same time I know with all of the sad news we have been hearing about Muslims all over the world recently, our hearts can feel heavy and as Muslim women in particular, we may feel more insecure and even fearful due to some of the heart-breaking incidents we see happening to Muslim women.

Now, more so than the past, I feel Muslim women need to SHINE and not SHRINK.  We need to SHOW UP with more confidence, compassion, and contribution.

While this may have seemed ‘optional’ in the past, I believe with everything happening in the world right now, it is *essential* for us, especially as Muslim women, to continue to build our confidence, discover our passion, clarify our vision, and amplify our contribution whether it’s in our families, work, communities, or the world, so we can bring more peace and positive change in sha Allah.

That’s why I am excited alhamdullilah to offer my online course “Muslim Women Secrets to Success” at a great affordable cost (with over $100 in savings), which I have never offered before, because I want this important information, support, encouragement, and empowerment to reach as MANY Muslim women as possible, ALL over the world, so that they truly can SHINE by using their God-given talents to contribute to the betterment of all humanity, instead of shrink and feel like they just want to hide.

This online course enables us as Muslim women to step up and learn how to be successful and achieve ihsan or excellence in all aspects of our lives, whether that’s in our faith and spirituality, in our families and relationships, in our health and well-being, and in our career or contribution to the world.

Here is some of the feedback I’ve received before alhamdullilah on the online course:

  • “It was soul penetrating and helped a great deal in learning the true essence and purpose of life”

  • “I feel that the value of the information shared in the program is truly priceless – completely life-altering”

  • “I felt enlightened, inspired and more motivated than ever to seek my ultimate purpose in this world”

  • “I felt MORE optimistic to pursue my goals and discover the limited beliefs that are holding me back! ”

  • “The program goes to the root of all the answers they have been searching for.”

And because alhamdullilah I was so humbled and honoured to see all of these amazing results with previous course participants, I want the same for as *many* Muslim women as possible in sha allah, which is why I am providing the online course for the very affordable pricing of only $37 CAD for a limited time.

I think this is so important because many Muslim women may face a lack of confidence or support – feeling lost, lonely, or unconfident – not knowing what or how to accomplish what they really want in their lives.  They may have many self-limiting and disempowering beliefs, such as “I am not good enough”, “I don’t know enough”, “I don’t know what I can offer”, which hold them back from realizing their greatest potential!

And in the online course we help you tackle these dis-empowering beliefs and provide you with an opportunity to replace them with empowering beliefs which inspire you to be your best you in alignment with our beautiful faith.

Having said that, please take a few moments to consider what you really want. Consider your life and how you really want to live it, in alignment with your highest self which connects with our Creator, and if you feel you’re living that beautiful life you envision.

Did you think about it?

I hope so – and I hope you’re looking forward to it because I believe having success, happiness, and fulfillment now which will in sha Allah lead to a beautiful eternal destination of bliss is possible.

And the type of support, encouragement and information I provide in this online course through audios, self-reflection exercises, access to a private Facebook group for support from other Muslim women, as well as access to at least one LIVE Q and A call where I answer your questions, is absolutely critical to your success in sha Allah.  And will in sha Allah be a reason to inspire you to reach your greatest goals.

Your ability to understand how to achieve success in all of the different roles you have in life whether they be a student, teacher, daughter, wife, mother, employee or business owner, volunteer or community activist and achieve balance in all of these areas is instrumental to your happiness and success.

Alhamdullilah, I’ve combined success principles from our faith and based on spirituality as well as success principles from the fields of personal development, Human Growth and Potential and Positive Psychology. As far as I know, this may be one of the only online programs out there to bring this important combination together alhamdullilah to enable you to focus on your vision, develop a plan and take concrete action steps to reach success in sha Allah in any or all of your roles.

So I hope you take hold of this exciting opportunity to invest in yourself, build your confidence, discover your passion, clarify your vision, and amplify your contribution whether it’s in your family, work, community, or the world in sha Allah.

For more information on what exactly you will gain from this online course, please feel free to watch my video and visit:

At that link, you can also go ahead and enroll in this program today in sha Allah and start to feel more confident, inspired and empowered to achieve more success in your life in sha allah. I would be honoured if you would allow me to be a part of that journey for you.

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Thanks and I pray you will be able to find the passion and develop the vision and practices necessary to reach the greatest levels of success and happiness in sha Allah.

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