The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner


The simple and effective 50-page color Get Organized Personal Mom Planner is here for 2017! Tailored especially for a busy mom to organize her life.

Does your mind seem scattered? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your day? Do you feel as if you can’t keep up?

This is your answer…

The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner can help you get back on track! It’s a planner that I use myself, and I have made it accessible for busy moms everywhere!

If you want order back in your hectic life, but have no idea where to begin, this planner will help start you off on the right foot. The GO Personal Planner is simple to use and applicable for most moms. Since 2015, the GO Personal Planner has been a hit with many busy moms, so I update it each year.

Why is it Important to have a Personal Planner?

With life is so busy for everyone nowadays, it can get crazy! Whether you are a working mom, a student mom, a new mom, a homeschool mom, or a busy wife and homemaker, remembering important duties throughout your day can get daunting.

I cannot successfully accomplish my tasks each day, if I don’t use my GO Personal Planner. On days when I don’t use it, I feel unproductive, frustrated and short of time. Our motivation as a mother, is affected when we have too much to do, and not enough time to do it before the sun goes down.

When I use my GO Personal Planner as a busy mom trying to accomplish so much, I start to feel positive and see results! I feel a de-cluttering of my mind and I am able to focus on tasks, as well as feel accomplishment when seeing it all written down on paper.

“I have always recommended a personal planner for a busy mom, to bring organization and order into her life. Virtual planners do not give the same satisfaction of checks, ticks and the release of one’s thought as paper and pen.”

What Is Inside The Go Personal Planner?

The Go Planner includes multiple pages of ready-to-use printables that you can print at home or at an office supply store. All you need to do is print the pages that apply to you, fill-in the relevant information, and add your pages to a 3-ring binder.

Check your planner each day, to know what is ahead for the day and feel super organized! The GO Personal Planner has a simple and clean style layout and font, for a visually appealing format. Carefully chosen colors, tables and topics were created for ease of use, which include:

The Package
  • A Front Cover – made pretty just for you!
  • A Cover Page – ready to be personalized with your name!
  • Sectional Tab Pages – for Calendar, Schedules, Lists, Personal and Goals for your ease, with motivation!
  • A Reminder Page to paste your sticky notes with important reminders, which you remove when complete!
  • Multiple Pages of Organization – all laid-out for you and ready to be filled-in with your unique schedule!
The Calendar
  • A 2017-One-Page Calendar – for an easy glance at the full year ahead
  • An Important Dates Page – to write down your recurring, special event days and anniversaries
  • A Month-by-Month 2017 Calendar (12 pages) – for jotting down your important reminders and appointments on specific dates each month

The Schedules
  • A Daily Morning Schedule – with notes to jot down your morning routine
  • A Daily Afternoon Schedule – with notes to jot down your afternoon routine
  • A Daily Evening Schedule – with notes to jot down your evening routine
  • A Weekend/Leisure Schedule – for those days that you are not so rigid in schedule
  • A Main To-Do List – to write down everything that you need to get done
  • Mini To-Do Lists – categorized into Urgent, Home, Kids, Web, Calls and Errands for more efficiency in getting your Main To-Do list done

The Lists
  • An Account List – to help keep track of your important account information
  • A Bill Pay List – to keep track of your monthly bill payments
  • A Website List – to bookmark your must-visit sites and wish-to-visit sites
  • A Reading List – to keep a log of current books, much-loved reads, or books you wish to read
  • A Wish List – to keep a log of items you want or need to buy over time
  • Self-Assessment List – to distinguish your areas of expertise and your areas that need improvement
  • Talent List – to help discover your talents and hobbies

The Personal
  • A Health Motivation Page – to stick or write inspiration to get more healthy
  • A 12 Month Period Calendar – to keep track of monthly due dates for that time of the month
  • A Health Goals Page – to distinguish what you need to consume and what you need to avoid
  • An Exercise Log – to keep track of your fitness accomplishments in order to motivate you
  • A Beauty Regimen Page – to keep track of beauty to-do’s, products and methods
  • A Monthly Beauty Log – a calendar to show which days of the month you are due for your beauty routines
  • A Thoughts Page – to express your thoughts and declutter your mind from worry

The Goals
  • A Long-Term Major Goals Page – to help set goals for your future in areas for yourself, spirituality, home and children
  • A Short-Term Mini Goals Page – to set smaller goals for your month, week or per day
  • An Additional Notes Page – to write down any of your additional goals

(Not all the planner pages have been shown in the images )

A SPECIAL BONUS! Our planners are created to be used anytime of the year and includes the most current calendar. As a customer of our planners, you will receive an updated calendar each new year absolutely free, as long as we offer the planner for sale. Email me for your copy at the end of the year.

Go ahead and make the intention to become a more Organized Mom in 2017!

21 thoughts on “The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner”

  1. A very attractive Muslimah diary! A health motivation page?- a good one! This sure the best thing to help me be organised with such a busy mom-balancing between work and life.

  2. The best way to not forget what you plan or intend to do is to put it in writing … Ideas and thoughts come in and out of our minds and if we really want to keep track of all the important things in Our lives and that of our family , there is no better way to do that than to pen it down …. And looking at the planner pictures am really loving it .. And I know it would be a perfect gift for not just mums but everyone to have …. Salam alaikum

  3. Assalamu Alaikum Sister,
    I used your planner 2015, it made my life easy, simplified my thoughts, helped me to maintain balance between home and personal development, I could start memorization of quran, Alhamdullilah, being a non Arab it is very much required to learn arabic , Alhamdullilah I have joined bayyinah online and at the same time could give time for kitchen, kids and my husband, Overall it has changed my life for the good, I am looking forward to continually improve, inshaAllah.

    What I want to say is I am addicted to your planner. It made a positive contribution in my life and I want to continue using it.

    Certainly I would be delighted and super motivated if i would win the giveaway :).

  4. Subhanallah! It was only yesterday that I made dua to Allah to help me find a good planner as I’ve got so many tasks cluttering my mind and I was like these should be noted down for future reference.

    I usually jot down notes on my phone but hey how much can you write on your phone. Nothing beats pen on paper. And look how Allah answered my dua. Alhamdulillah and jazakallah khair @ muslimommy

  5. Yes, definitely we need a personal diary, especially for “BUSY WORKING MOMS”.
    I was always “half way” in all my works just becoz before i finish one i get exhausted thinking of all works or i really don’t get enough time in hand to finish one.
    you know why, whatever works come to my mind i try to finish it without prioritizing.
    But then the thought of Personal Diary stuck me. but one thing you have to keep in mind, ur personal diary should be something which at any cost should not be kept aside. otherwise that will also be a waste of space.

  6. Assalamu 3laykom. For me it’s important to have a planner as a Muslim mom so I can keep track of everything in one place and eliminate the thoughts that are rolling through my mind faster than I can keep up :)

  7. I am a working mom who works from 8am-5pm returns home to 2 kids who are 12 and 5 years. Then i come home and cook, teach them regular lessons and walk at the park with my friends. There is a lot of stress at work too and i feel i need to declutter my mind before i come home. I usually love to write my “To Do” List and personally tick them so that i feel motivated that i have finished something. “The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner” would be a perfect gift for myself to relieve me from my stresses.

  8. Not only do I keep track of the bills, I help Mom with her colleges classes, help dad with his high school diplomma, praying, doctor appointments for all three of us, my classes both computer and Islamic. I can’t keep track without a planner. I also keep track of groceries, cook, clean, and lead a very busy life. I need a planner that can help me do all of that and then some.

  9. MashaAllaah Amazingg!! this is really what i am searching for! As a mom of 2 (3years and 1year old)and the 3rd will be dued in January 2016 i need to be more organized. I have written things in a notebook for me to get organized but it’s totally not like a personal planner as this. I can’t reach my goals cuz its not clear for me. This is why i think it will be great if i could be one of the 3 moms who will win this amazing planner. ya Rab. And Jazaki Allaah alf khayr for the work u put to create this planner.

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