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GO Household Planner Sample


What is the Get Organized Home Planners?

It is a simple and helpful home management system tailored especially for the busy mom who wants to keep her home and family running like a well-oiled machine! It can be impossible to run a household efficiently without an organizational system in place.

The Go Planners are all in PDF format with ready-to-fill printables that you can easily add to a 3-ring binder. It includes clear and easy to follow tables and charts, and a simple but eye-catching layout and font for a visual appeal.

Each day access your planner, you start your day on the right foot, knowing what lies ahead for you, your family and home. If used consistently and regularly, the Go Home Planners can reduce stress by helping you organize your life.

Why is a household planner Important?

Life has become extremely busy for everyone, so whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, add a bunch of cute, rambunctious kids to the mix, and life gets pretty hectic, at times – overwhelming! As a mom of multiple kids at different age levels, there is so much that needs my attention, and I have learned that leaving everything to memory or on bits of paper is a recipe for disaster!

Using a home planner is a lifesaver! I personally feel that every mom should have a set of organizational planners to help her with her duties, and maybe find some free time for a nap or even a massage (aah the thought)!

 What is Inside the GO Household Planner?

GO Household Planner Set

  • 25+ Pages in a color PDF ready to print!
  • Yearly Household Goals – to set household goals each month
  • Monthly Family Commitments – to write recurring commitments on specific days
  • Monthly Household Tasks – to set household tasks you wish to accomplish by the end of a month, to be ticked when completed
  • Daily Household Tasks – to set household tasks to be accomplished day-by-day, and ticked when done
  • Home-Do List – to jot general to-do’s for your household
  • Hubby-Do List – to jot tasks for hubby that need his attention
  • Family-Do List – to jot tasks for family members, so you don’t forget who is supposed to do what
  • Home Maintenance List – to jot whatever needs fixing in your home
  • List of Essentials – to write non-edible items that you need to budget for home and family
  • Spending Tracker  to keep tabs on your spending habits, so you notice a trend and don’t go over budget
  • Monthly Bill Payments – to keep tabs on bill payments each month
  • School Information – to jot important school information for each of your children
  • Medical Information – to have medical contacts and policy numbers at your fingertips
  • Account Information – to have relevant account information on hand when you need
  • Utility Information – to have relevant numbers and account information for easy access
  • Major Appliance Information – to have the necessary information ready when major appliances need repair
  • Appliance Information – to have the necessary information on hand when other appliances need repair or parts
  • Important Contact List – to have all relevant information accessible for your family in case of emergency
  • Friend Contact List – to write your children’s friend’s numbers and their parent’s details
  • Helper/Sitter Log – to keep track of hours and wages and to serve as a payment record
  • Safety Checklist – for the family or sitters to have relevant information in case of emergency
  • Home Alone Checklist – for older kids to help them remember important rules when home alone

GO Household Planner shadowcover

What is Inside the GO Meal and Stock Planner?

GO Meal Planner Set

  • 33+ Pages in a color PDF are ready to print!
  • Recipe Resources – to jot your favorite recipe books and websites
  • Meal Ideas – to jot your family’s favorite meals, categorized according to cut of meat or vegetable
  • Sweet Ideas – to jot your family’s favorite desserts and baked goods
  • Snack and Lunch Ideas – to jot your family’s favorite snacks and school lunches
  • Two-Week Meal Plan – to outline your main meals from your Meal Ideas List, over the weeks or months (what a load off!)
  • Two-Week Dessert/Snack Plan – to outline your desserts and snacks from your Sweet Ideas List for weeks or months of menus
  • Two Week School Lunch Plan – to outline your school lunches from your Snack and Lunch Ideas List for weeks or months of menus
  • Supply List – lists that are categorized according to ingredients used in cooking, to remind you what’s used and make it easier to add to the shopping list when stocking-up
  • Fridge Inventory List – to keep stock of items in the fridge for ideas, and use items before they expire for less waste
  • Freezer Inventory List – to keep stock of items in the freezer for ideas and to use items before they expire
  • Pantry Inventory List – to keep stock of items in the pantry for ideas and to use items before they expire
  • Grocery Budgeting List – to keep track of the prices you pay for the ingredients you use most to comparison shop
  • Shopping List – a list to jot down items you need in your home, categorized according to the aisles in the store for convenience and speed when shopping

GO Meal Planner shadowcover

A SPECIAL BONUS! Purchase the GO Household Planner and GO Meal Planner and receive a GO Cleaning Planner FREE!

GO Cleaning Planner shadowcover

What is Inside the GO Cleaning Planner?

GO Cleaning Planner Set

  • 13+ Pages in a color PDF are ready to print!
  • A Frequent Home Cleaning Guide – for common areas of your house to help you remember what needs cleaning most often
  • An Occasional Cleaning Guide – for different areas of your home to remind you of what needs cleaning occasionally
  • Frequent Cleaning – templates for filling in your own cleaning plans often
  • Occasional Cleaning – templates for filling in your own cleaning duties once in a while
  • Laundry Directions and Laundry Rules – for a helper or kids benefit, with a two-week Laundry Schedule to make it easy to know which day certain loads are due to be washed
  • A Daily Cleaning List – to list cleaning jobs that need to be done that day for you or a helper

∗All Planners also include a Sticky Note Page for sticking notes in order to brainstorm ideas, reminders or urgent notes – to be removed when completed, and Additional Notes to add your special thoughts, ideas, and scribbles.

GO Household Planner Sample

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  1. Assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh,
    Jazakallahkhair sister for sharing your hard work.May Allah(swt) reward you Aameen.

  2. Assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh, in my personal situation without a plan my day is a mess in other words my house is a mess.I have never tried a planner as such but stick to a simple to do list which gets my chores somewhat accomplished. Inshallaha a planner might really help me get into a routine of taking care of kids ,chores and cooking without lot of stress.Jazakallahkhair.

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum sister,

    Cleaning and Meal planning is the backbone to run anyones life peacefully, i mean when these 2 things are organized and tackled on time rest all fall into its place.We will have decluttered mind that will help us to focus on reality of our life thats IBADAAH.

    I have experienced this in 2015 using your planner, i can see it has been updated and made colorful with new pages.It would complete my 2016 planner if i would win this giveaway:-).

    JazakAllah Khair

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