The 5 C’s of Setting Ramadan Goals for Children

5 C of Setting Ramadan Goals for ChildrenAnother Ramadan is upon us alhumdulillah! And this year, don’t let it slip by without achieving something for your child. The reward is great during this month, so any good done now will be rewarded many folds.

What are your goals for your child this Ramadan? Do you want your child to try and fast a whole day or the whole month of Ramadan? Is it time your child memorizes certain surahs of the Qur’an, or complete a certain juz? How about practicing and improving on a characteristic such as generosity, patience and restraint?

Decide what you want your child to accomplish, then focus on those goals this Ramadan. Follow the 5 steps below to help your child to achieve their goals.

1. Confirm Their Goals

Once you’ve decided on the goals for your child, you must have their agreement and confirmation that this is what they want as well. Without their tacit agreement, it will be difficult to achieve the set goals. A way to do this, is to appeal to their sense of righteousness and what is awaiting them at the end – the reward of Allah.

Provide positive scripts for your child to say to themselves regularly. This will motivate them to reach their goals. For example, some scripts can be “I am fasting the whole day or the whole Ramadan”, “I am memorizing Surah Baqarah or Juz Tabarak”, or “I am being patient.”

2. Compose Strategies

Help your child find ways to reach their goals. Have a brainstorm session where you all think of how to make the goals possible, and write them down. If you run out of ideas, go through the goals and select the ones that are the most do-able for your child.

For example, if the goal is to fast the whole day, then have a plan in place to take your child from one hour to the next until maghrib. For the first few hours it will be easy, but as the day goes on, it will become harder especially around lunchtime, so have a plan for your child to do something at 12pm, then at 1pm, 2pm and so on.

3. Create Deadlines

Give your child’s goals an urgency, by making deadlines. When there are deadlines, children will push themselves to do it before the time.

For memorizing a whole juz, divide it into 30 days, and have your child memorize a part each day. This is could be an example of a deadline you set for them.

4. Chart Progress

To help your child see their progress and motivate them not to give up, draw up a chart and highlight each successful step. This can be as simple as a 30 days calendar, and placing a sticker when your child has accomplished each small step.

If the goal is to be kind, and the strategy is to do a kindness to someone three times each day, then each time your child does a kindness, then they will get a sticker. If they can fill each day with three stickers, then they have accomplished their short-term goal (remember the long-term goal is for the whole of Ramadan). Each day they see the three stickers, they will be motivated to keep it up for the remainder of Ramadan.

5. Celebrate Success

Depending on the age of your child and the goals you set, you can decide to celebrate their small successes. This could be at each maghrib, or the end of the week. Celebrate it by offering a reward of some kind.

If your children were not successful in reaching their short-term goals, then do a review and decide on a different strategy. At the end of Ramadan, you can even have a big celebration for your child’s success at reaching their goals!

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