Affiliate Disclosure Policy

The goal of the Muslimommy website is to help moms with the day-to-day struggles of parenthood, self-care and running a home successfully. By sharing money-saving ideas, encouragement, personal stories, articles, deals, coupons and more, I hope to assist you reach your goal.

Running this website means I have a number of costs associated with it — domain name, server space, technical help, copyright, images and many more expenses. Sometimes when you click on an affiliate link, I earn a small fee from the manufacturer or company which may cover those costs.

You can always be assured that my integrity is more important than making money. I will seek to have your best interests in mind and if something isn’t beneficial, I won’t post it no matter what. My readers are an amanah (trust) and I will not promote anything I would not use for my family or myself.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely mine and I do my best to be honest and forthright in what I share. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me as I welcome your input.

This policy was last updated March, 2017.