Surviving The Last Days of Summer With Kids

The summer holiday is a wonderful time for a mom to connect with her kids. A mom is not in her usual stressful position of carpooling, keeping up with school emails, making lunches and helping with homework. Your kids are not spending hours at school, doing homework, and attending extracurricular activities. It's a time to refocus your family life and reconstruct your values and togetherness. Unfortunately, summer can also be a very trying time for mommy dearest. After Ramadan and your short getaway (Read more...)

Inspirational School Calendar

What better way to keep track of all your school to-do's, meetings and events with this pretty inspirational 2017/2018 School Calendar. This 11-month calendar begins in August 2017 and ends in June 2018. Each month has a spiritual and educational message to motivate! You can print out one each month and place it on your fridge or print out all and add it to your home binder. Simply share a comment with your best educational tip for kids to get your school calendar compliments of Muslimommy! Please (Read more...)

10 More Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima

I am expanding on my last post on setting spiritual resolutions for yourself as a Muslima. You can read the first part of the article, 10 Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima here. I always find Ramadan a refreshing time of the year, so I feel motivated to set some spiritual goals for myself during that month. I may not keep to everything I set, but I believe in reaching for the stars and aiming high, so my accomplishments can surmise to a decent amount of effort. As I said before, do not feel (Read more...)

10 Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima

As Muslims, Shawwal is usually our “fresh start” month for the year ahead. It’s a time when you feel spiritually cleansed of your sins and physically detoxed of your bad habits by the past month of Ramadan. It’s our time to instill our “new year’s resolutions” that’s all the hype for others each January. Rewind to Shabaan, and that’s the month most people feel quite anxious by the approaching Ramadan. Usually, we’re not ready to face the month ahead because of having missed fasts (Read more...)

The Muslima’s Guide to Qada

Life keeps getting faster and time keeps losing barakah. Your biggest challenge nowadays as a busy Muslima, is to hold onto your fards. There is no excuse for being "too busy" or "too stressed and tired" and missing your fards. Even with good reason, most fards need to be repaid in the form of qada before your death. Qada (قُضِي) is the Arabic word for fulfilling the duties (usually your fard obligations) that you've missed due to some reason. With this in mind, we need to set time aside (Read more...)

Being Kind to Yourself as a Mom

The title of this article may sound ridiculous, but being kind to yourself as a mother is a rare occurrence. A mom can sometimes be her own worst enemy. Being kind to oneself as a mother is a priceless gift to give yourself. Most times, you forget that you're an individual with your own wants and needs. You become so wrapped up in everyone else's needs that you forego your own and no one even asked you to. Think of the scenario of counting a roomful of people at a party. You count ever single person (Read more...)

Saving Money on Groceries Using an App

I have been on a mission to save some money on our grocery bill this year. As you know with kids, the grocery bill adds up and is one of the biggest household expenses. When your family is as big as mine, or if you have older kids (especially boys), your grocery expense goes up way more. That's why I am going to share with you one of the most effective ways I save money on my grocery bill. I wish I could share saving tips that are relevant for readers all over the world, but sadly this is only relevant (Read more...)

3 Ways to be a Better Spouse

To have a decent marriage takes work. It isn't the Disney Fairy Tale we grew up watching which caused our delusions of "forever-after" love to formulate. When you witness a successful marriage, you shouldn't think it's because the couple is "lucky" or the husband must be "awesome". Realize that both or even one spouse is working hard and putting in the extra time to make the marriage a success. A successful marriage doesn't happen automatically either. It happens when you accept your spouse completely (Read more...)