The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner

**THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE ANY LONGER. GET THE NEW AND UPDATED PLANNER! The simple and effective 50-page color Get Organized Personal Mom Planner is here for 2017! Tailored especially for a busy mom to organize her life. Does your mind seem scattered? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your day? Do you feel as if you can't keep up? This is your answer... The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner can help you get back on track! It's a planner that I use myself, and I have made it accessible for (Read more...)

In Defense of Our Religion

Reading or watching the news lately brings a physical ache to my heart, as if an arrow keeps piercing it. I know this is how many Muslims are feeling recently since the horrific attacks on the innocent are claimed in the name of Islam. As a Muslim mom, I feel the need to say this clearly and publicly... "Murderers do not depict true Muslims or adhere to the ideals of Islam. They are a deviation to any true religion, a disease to society, and hypocrites who shame humanity. Above all, they don't represent (Read more...)

Regaining Your Balance in Your Children’s Education

In my previous post, I wrote on Accepting Your Limits in Your Children's Education. In this post, I will explain how you can regain your balance in your children's education as a mother. Whether you've decided to homeschool or send your kids to a physical school, the key to academic success is to "do what you can, not do what you should."  This is imperative, so you don't get burnt-out as a mother. I had burnt-out numerous times when I homeschooled my children, and that's why I say, "don't allow (Read more...)

Accepting Your Limits In Your Children’s Education

I know I have not written a new blog post in months and I deeply apologize. It happens now and then when a hectic life presides over anything extra. I made every intention to write something since Eid, but many changes were going on with my children and I was trying to cope with the new adjustments and schedules. Then too, as the season changed, illness went through our family, and you know how that goes, no explanation needed! This school year has changed for us. You may know from my previous posts, (Read more...)

Children’s Books by Elizabeth Lymer

With Eid around the corner, choosing gifts for our children, or for our family and friends is always challenging, but what saves the day, are always good books that teach morals and spirituality to children in a fun way. That is why I would like to recommend the wonderful published work of Elizabeth Lymer. MashAllah Sr. Elizabeth is a talented writer and poet, and has successfully published over eight children's books so far! Her newest two, "Hector Hectricity" and "Angels and Rainbows" look (Read more...)

An Enchanted Eid For Kids

Eid is a beautiful and blessed time! And to lift your spirits even more, here is a special gift for your child to enjoy during their festive days of Eid. It was specially created by the very talented artist named, Azra Momin of No Ordinary Day. Sr. Azra created this Eid booklet just for Muslimommy subscribers!!! We thank her for her generous contribution, and if you would like to see some of her amazing artwork, you can view her gallery HERE! She is a really gifted illustrator whom I highly (Read more...)

Ramadan Random Acts of Kindness

This Ramadan download is meant for parents who are looking for random acts of kindness ideas, for their children to give to others, and share a little Sunnah along the way. It includes notes for strangers, that are written in a way that the receiver will know it is Ramadan, and have a subtle mention of our Prophet's (saw) beautiful ways to spread dawah too. If you have not heard about random acts of kindness, then let me explain. It is a random kind act that you do for a complete stranger, or (Read more...)

Ramadan Letters of Thank You

This Ramadan download is one of the special ones! It is ready-to-use Ramadan letters of thank you, that are meant to be given out to those who help us so much, or for those who need to hear a thank you from us. It teaches children to remember and thank those who help keep our world in order, and those who we need to help us grow and flourish. The Ramadan Letters of Thank You printable is a 17-page color download, that is ready to hand-out after signing it with your name. There are also two semi-filled (Read more...)