The Day I Taught My Kids a Lesson

I was fed-up! It must have been the 2000th time I went to my kids' room and witnessed a sight close to a tornado aftermath. There were toys mixed with clothes, clean clothes mixed with dirty clothes, an overflowing laundry basket (that I had emptied a few days ago), and as for board game pieces, let me not go there. Well, this was the day I had enough. No more chances, no more begging, no chore charts, no reminding, and no more pleading with my kids to clean their rooms. Today was the day my kids (Read more...)

The 10 Reasons Children Misbehave

Recently, two of my older children have been quite challenging and causing me to get five more strands of gray hair! Boy, was I wrong to think that as children get older, it becomes easier as a parent. Physically maybe, but mentally, watch out! However, I do realize that when my children bother me, I need to pause to take a look at the situation and analyze the cause of their misbehavior. From my experience, there is always a reason kids act up, and it is up to the parents to find the cause. Here (Read more...)

When Children Get Sick

My kids are all sick, and that's no fun for a mommy! It definitely could get worse I guess, if I get sick too, but I'm not going to worry about that yet, even as I feel the scratchiness in my throat. I used to feel helpless when I did not know how I was going to deal with the tough time of my kids being sick. In the past, I would put my trust in doctors and medication. I felt that I did not know how to handle sickness, and when my children were young, I felt that I could not take a chance with (Read more...)

When Your Child Lies PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY!!

Pre-order my new ebook, When Your Child Lies  – A Mom's Guide to make it stop! It's a book that will guide a parent in focusing on strengthening the bond with your child, instead of damaging your relationships over lies. You can benefit by reading about my tried and tested methods with my own children. Order your copy early and get it for $3.99 instead of $5.99 until the launch day of Tuesday, 31 October 2017. Pre-order your copy below using the payment form or by clicking HERE! Loading... (Read more...)

A Mommy’s Advice About Christmas For Muslim Kids

A dear friend of mine wrote this status on her Facebook page, and I asked her if I may repost this on Muslimommy to inspire other parents. It is a nice lesson on how to deal with the holidays and how we can help our children to understand this time. "To my Muslim friends who are parents, we took the opportunity over breakfast this morning, to talk to our kids about Christmas. We asked them, "Why do we as Muslims don't celebrate Christmas? Why do people celebrate Christmas? etc etc... We talked (Read more...)

10 Steps That Helped Me Teach My Child To Read

  As you know, I homeschool my children and find that one of the more tedious aspects is teaching my child to read! However, once my child learns to read well it is a lot easier to homeschool because he/she becomes fairly independent and it is less time-consuming for me. I saw myself faced with this dilemma when my 7-year-old daughter needed to learn to read. I knew I had to take the bull by the horn, bite the bullet and...(well I think you get my drift)...I found out exactly how to do it (Read more...)

16 Tips To Relieve Some Mommy Stress

It has been a truly crazy, hectic, absolutely-more-than-I-can handle past few weeks after Eid! I don't really know how it became so hectic, but I felt like my responsibilities were getting the better of me. I had no time to write a blog post, no time to call a family member, and no time to even keep a thought! I felt cluttered and overwhelmed by all my to-do's. I had to decide...was I going to burst into tears, or take the bull by the horns and change my tactics. Well, I did both! But for embarrassment's (Read more...)

The 10 Biggest Homeschool Myths

I meet many moms who ask me numerous questions on how I cope homeschooling my children. Recently, a mom I met seemed quite amazed by my answers, because she had a lot of misconceptions about mothers who homeschool. I notice that many people are curious but quite ignorant about the homeschool way of life. So I felt the need to break the myths and tell it like it is. Here are the most common homeschool myths I've been asked, followed by what really happens: Myth #1 - Moms who homeschool are home (Read more...)