In Defense of Our Religion

Reading or watching the news lately brings a physical ache to my heart, as if an arrow keeps piercing it. I know this is how many Muslims are feeling recently since the horrific attacks on the innocent are claimed in the name of Islam. As a Muslim mom, I feel the need to say this clearly and publicly... "Murderers do not depict true Muslims or adhere to the ideals of Islam. They are a deviation to any true religion, a disease to society, and hypocrites who shame humanity. Above all, they don't represent (Read more...)

Tips To Keep Your Marriage Thriving

Marriage is a trial and a test for couples. There are good days, and there are bad days. It is a union of two individuals who think differently, had different experiences and dealt with situations in their own way. Sometimes there are moments in a marriage that can get challenging, causing wretched arguments and constant bickering. Some couples tend to fight so often, that they become numb and want to give up on their marriage. On those days I recommend that you read this Hadith, as it will remind (Read more...)

When You Need Help As a Mother

As busy moms, we have so much on our plate that we tend to multitask a lot! We may not perform our duties too well because of this, which can cause frustration to others and ourselves. Later this turns into guilt and feelings of forlorn, that's why I promote that busy mothers get the help they need. There's a negative stigma attached to mothers living in the West who employ cleaners and mother's helpers, but a positive acceptance of moms who hire babysitters and childcare providers for their children. (Read more...)

12 Tips to Avoid Information Overload

Previously, I had written an article When Information Becomes Overwhelming, to discuss how I would going online to find solutions and support for my problems, but ended up not implementing them when I was done. This usually happens when you research online but become overloaded with too many answers or distracted by too many problems. The way I've avoided getting to this point is by implementing the following tips: 1. Limit Your Social Media Instead of having a Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (Read more...)

When Information Becomes Overwhelming

As a busy mom, you always have problems that need solving. Whether it's work-related, a parenting issue, some marriage advice, a recipe, or even how to fix or clean something, you go looking for solutions. But have you ever felt like the more you go searching online for answers to your problems, the more you end up doing nothing about them? It's a crazy cycle but one that is all too often the reality. It is not something that one can even help most of the time, because the world has changed so much (Read more...)

Improving Our Character Like the Prophet PBUH

Every day we have so much to be thankful for alhumdulillah. But there is no denying that some days are harder than most, and then other days can test your imaan! As the world moves faster and gets more advanced, people are rushing and becoming far too busy. At times it seems that this busyness is a ticket for a few to be inconsiderate and obnoxious. As Muslims, it is not only our obligatory duties that determine our faith but etiquette (adhab) in Islam is a crucial part of being a good Muslim. Some (Read more...)

Your Husband Deserves Your Respect

I am writing about a topic that may not sit well with a few wives, but it is something that needs to be said and something that we as Muslim wives need to adhere to for our husbands sake - but more importantly to please Allah (swt). I am referring to that character trait that our parents demanded from us as kids - the trait of respect. Somewhere along the way we grew up thinking (not learning), that respect is something that our husband's have to 'earn', and that only if he is someone we look (Read more...)

How to Feel Close to Allah During Haidh

I have heard it time and time again; many women feel that when that time of the month is upon them, they are ‘cut off’ from worship, or some women view it as a ‘vacation’ from religion. However, we must realize that we are NEVER ‘cut off’ nor on ‘vacation’ from worship. How could it be so, when worship is the very purpose for which we were created? “I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.” (Quran 51:56) It is true that it is haram (forbidden) for a menstruating (Read more...)