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16 thoughts on “When Your Child Lies PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY!!”

  1. Assalam aleikum
    Mashallah lots of useful ideas!
    Sis, maybe you could write something about left handed kids and how to deal with them, when start to correcting, what kind of things let them do with left hand, any practical advices if they are persistent in eating with left hand.
    Jazak Allah in advance
    Umm Yakoub

  2. Please help me, my used to be 11 year lovely daughter is now rude horrible and disobedient. She is volatile and explosive. when I say she lacks manners she says I have taught her nothing. She is rude and horrible to her younger sister who is 8. The little one wants to please me but the 11 year old is no longer interested. In fact she constantly calls me stupid and I can see signs of her becoming violent. I am having feelings of dislike for her. I don’t know how to deal with her and need help.

    1. Dear Sister Sugra, Assalamu Alaikum. It is complex when dealing with tweens and teens. You must remember that they don’t mean what they say, they are lashing out at the ones they love because of all the mixed-up feelings they are experiencing inside of themselves. It is no excuse to be rude and I set boundaries with my daughter if she crosses a line, but you should not let most of what she says cause you hurt as it isn’t about you, but about her. From my experience with my own daughter, I would advise starting her in some sort of Islamic educational lessons, whether it is an Alima course, learning courses online or listening to Youtube videos by scholars – I recommend Mufti Menk as he is very gentle and that is needed at this age. I don’t tell my daughter that the lectures are for her, I just put it on during the time she is around as if it is for me, I start with stories such as seerah as there are much lessons in the life of the Prophet (saw). My daughter has come to love listening to these lectures and she picks up a lot of lessons that she would otherwise not have listened if it came from me. She was not interested in listening to it at the beginning and even groaned and said it was boring, but I was consistent and Alhumdulillah Allah Helps you solve the rest. At this age, they don’t realize what they need, so it is up to you to guide them subtly and gently. I highly recommend Islamic lessons for teenagers as I have only seen positive results when they learn the Deen and understand life – which is the very reason they act up – they are in a confused state and only by learning about the reason for our existence, can they truly accept their part as a Muslim in this world that goes the other way. Also, letting her mix with good Muslim friends will help her pick up good traits as they are very impressionable at this age. Lastly, if your child is in a public school, she may be finding it hard to deal with the conflict she faces daily by her peers, so look into that, and if it is the cause you would need to decide how to remedy that and do what is best for her. Remember that parenting is one of our tests in this dhuniyah as well. I pray my limited advice was helpful in some way. May Allah make it easy for you and all parents InshAllah.

    1. Jazakallah Khair and thank you for your kind words. Sorry about the link. I fixed the problem and you should be able to enjoy this helpful video!

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