An Enchanted Eid Gift For Kids

An Enchanting Eid Gift

Eid is a beautiful and blessed time! And to lift your spirits even more, here is a special gift for your child to enjoy during their festive days of Eid. It was specially created by the very talented artist named, Azra Momin of No Ordinary Day.

Sr. Azra created this Eid booklet just for Muslimommy subscribers!!! We thank her for her generous contribution, and if you would like to see some of her amazing artwork, you can view her gallery HERE! She is a really gifted illustrator whom I highly recommend mashAllah. It was such a pleasure to work with her on this Eid booklet too.

The Enchanted Eid book is filled with lots of activities for your kids to enjoy. They can look forward to a coloring page, spot the difference, a giant maze, make your own bookmarks, draw the other half, use your imagination, a word search, and make your own Eid cards! Every page has been carefully planned and illustrated by the professional artist and illustrator, Azra Momin! Here are 3 sample pages from the Eid book.


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*Please note: This a subscriber-only freebie so please do not share the secret code with non-subscribers. Instead, share the link to this page and honor the trust. Thank you and Eid Mubaruk!

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  1. I think my most favourite part of Ramadan with my six year old son is decorating the house with him. He loves the festive air and really gets into the spirit, mashaAllah. :)

  2. My 2 girls, ages 6 & 2, decorated our living room to welcome Ramadan. They both really got into it and now realize the significance of Ramadan :)

  3. I am so proud of my 2 eldest who are 12 and 9, and have fasted all of the days of Ramadan for the first time this year. Even their 2 younger siblings are getting into the groove now by “fasting” between meals! :)

  4. Assalamualaykum. My fondest ‘make me smile’ memory thus far of RAmadhaan is every time my little daughter says she is going to fast. It’s usually ‘ just after I have this sweet mummy’ or ‘ i’m fasting after I eat this meal’, continuing like this through the Day. I love that at their young age they are so eager to try and yet through Allah’s wisdom they are not obligated to and so just keep ‘practicing’. And that is exactly how they learn to love, honour and cherish fasting and the month of RAmadhaan. I can’t wait to see what light this next portion of this Blessed month brings to our home and family Inshaallah.

  5. My favorite Ramadan moment thus far happened last night. After breaking fast, my husband was getting ready to leave for the masjid to pray isha and for taraweeh. Our oldest son who is soon to be 35 months was being mischievous. As his daddy was scolding him, he had is hands out as if he was making duas. It lightened the mood and made both my husband and I smile.

  6. My cutest Ramadan moment is when my 2 years old son copys me to “pray” salah with Muslim women at a mosque.

  7. ASA wrb. We usually bake moon and star shaped cookies and make paper chains to countdown the month. This year. since they’re older, we still baked cookies, but filled 30 balloons with random small prizes and tied them to the staircase. Each iftar, the kids pop a balloon and enjoy the prize.

  8. My most fav moment with my daughter is when we all sit together to break our fast
    and she repeats all the supplications after us.MashaAllah

  9. As Salam there are simply too many great moments in this Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah! My 6yo and my 4yo squeal in delight whenever they open 1 box in their Ramadhan advent calender(we made our very own!)..I typed out their Ramadhan doas and they always read it just before azan Maghrib and just recently, we stuck some lantern decorations at our dining lights..The Ramadhan mood in our house is very positive and definitely lively! We go the the mosque once a week for iftar and help out with serving of food in the food trays, my girls enjoy that very much.. :)

  10. Asalam Alaikum,
    I had to visit my parents so i was out of town for a few days. My son aged 11 & 1/2 yrs called me one evening and said he wanted to surprise his dad by cooking Chicken Macrooni for Iftaar. He had started 3 hours well ahead of breaking the fast. I explained to him step by step and later i heard from his father that it was excellent. Alhamdullilah! I was so happy to see that my son wanted to do something just to please his father.

  11. My children are now grown and I have 14 grandchildren. Every one of them decides when and how much he/she will fast at any age. It has impressed me how young most of them are when they are able to fast all day – often by age 6. My son has 4 boys, the oldest is 8 who is now in his second year of fasting every day. His younger, 6 yr. old brother is still ‘fasting’ between breakfast and lunch and again (sometimes) ‘fasting between lunch and dinner. We praise both of them for their fasting, and keep reminding the older that he is not required to fast at all, much less the whole month – but he sees his extended family fasting so is pleased he can act so grown up.

    1. Oh mashAllah! It is so amazing to witness young children’s endurance. Thanks for sharing Sr. Freeda, hope your many grandchildren enjoy the Eid activity book.

  12. My favourite Ramadan moments have been in watching the children in our family and they’re eagerness to take part in the fast and to note their sense of accomplishment. Truly inspiring and hopeful for the future of our ummah!

  13. Asalamalykum sister,
    My two kids age 5 and 8 are very excited about Ramadhan, they fast in between the meal times. The eldest doestn’t want to break the fast. They love iftar time and look forward to it. I always appreciate their efforts. They recognise that avoiding bad behaviour is rewarding in this month of mercy. they try to do salah as well.
    I really appreciate your efforts sister,

  14. Even my small two year old woke up for suhoor (from hearing us, and from curiosity.) What a great feeling it is, to sit all together around the table at suhoor, and know you are passing on traditions to your kids, better than any tradiditions. Alhamdu lillah.

  15. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be introduced to a Muslim Illustrator and to have access to new Materials.. I am a home school evaluator and I am always looking for materials for Muslim parents who are committed to homeschooling their children and being introduced to “Quality” Materials. My best Eid Moment is handing out these sheets to the kids and seeing thier faces light up and having parents come and ask about how to obtain access to your materials. Thanks so much! Sis Aamira Teresa

    1. Glad to hear your thoughts dear Sr. Aamira. It is so nice you are helping other children and praise be to Allah for making it possible for myself and others who assist, in bringing these printables to our children. Please make dua that we are able to do more inshAllah, because that is the intention.

  16. Love your material. I love how all 4 kids are awake at Suhoor and are first on the musallah waiting for mom and dad. Age 1, 3, 8, 10

  17. Alhamdulillah …my most memorable moment was when I was telling my 4 year old son about last ashrah of ramadhan .i felt blessed !

  18. My favorite thing this Ramadhan, that I work with my 2 kids on some stories from the Quran, I got a lot of ideas from your website, thank you so mush for sharing it with us.

  19. Assalamualaikum Sister Zakkiya,

    My most appreciated moments this Ramadan is that my two older boys aged, 7 & 5 not only fasted but also not missing out on terawih.

    Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah.

  20. Salam! We love to hide the children’s Eid gifts around the house and create a scavenger hunt for them.. It really adds to the excitement!

  21. Alhamdulillah, so far I’m really enjoying this Ramadhan. My children are so inquisitive and asking many questions thus keeping me very busy. I love answering their questions on Ramadhan, such as, why we fast, the benefits of fasting, etc. It is actually helping me appreciate more about what is special regarding this month and why. I’m savouring these special mummy and kids moments alhamdulillah.

  22. Everyday my 4year old helps me remove a link from our Ramadan chain. Then he counts how many days remain until Eid. Some days are busy and I forget to remind him that we need to remove a link. So he reminds me, “Mama we didn’t remove a ‘wink’ today.” It tickles me every time. I cherish such cute enthusiastic moments.

  23. My favorite thing this year is how my daughter is more involved at age 3. We enjoyed decorating and coloring special printables, but sighting the Ramadan moon was the best! We’re so excited to do it again next year Insha Allah!

  24. my family’s favorite moment is when we go out the night before Eid to give the zakah rice and chocolates to needy families…

  25. My favorite moment is when my 4 year old snuggles up next to me whenever she hears me reciting quran and tries to reiterate what I say ;)

  26. My favourite moment is when Ramadan is approaching like a week before, we start decorating the house, get Ramadan books, activities and videos together as a family.

  27. Jazak Allah Khairn for this beautiful gift! I have several favorite Ramadan moments with my children. For example, we home school but to highlight the importance of Ramadan. We focused only on Islamic learning this month. They were allowed to stay up late for prayers and trips to the mosque with Daddy. We decorated before Ramadan began. My 3 year old daughter also loved watching the the Ka’aba live on tv and told me she wants to go to Mecca. Alhamdoulilah. This month has been very beneficial for my son and daughter 3, and 5. And of course now they are looking forward to Eid Ul Fitr

  28. Asalam alaykum sister. As a convert now of 3.5 years each Ramadan is another learning experience for me and my eager young muslim son age 6. This Ramadan we found a donation of Islamic clothes subhanAllah just his size. So he has enjoyed wearing these new styles to masjid for iftar and being like the grown brothers. We both sit together amongst the smell of Pakistani food and sip our tea together and enjoy our big muslim family at the masjid. We miss so much when Ramadan is over. As our blood family is so different in beliefs than us, it’s refreshing to be among our ummah these times. Eid Mubarak all…. I love u for the sake of Allah swt.

    1. Assalamualaykum

      My best memory was when my children would pray together. My son 6 would lead the jamat set up an actual minbar n everything and my daughter 3 would follow.

    2. Wa Alaikum salaam dear Sr. Amy. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming thoughts, I loved reading it. A warm Eid Mubaruk to you sis, and lots of love. ❤

  29. As a relatively new convert with grown children, I haven’t really had need for children’s Ramadan and Eid activities until recently when a friend’s 3 yo son randomly started calling me grandma. So I decided I’d better get busy filling my new role and found your website. Best Ramadan (and InshaAllah Eid) ever!

  30. My seven year old son and I made a lovely i’tikaaf tent for Ramadan. He got so excited decorating it with me. Then he decided to put his little prayer mat next to it and some Islamic books in a box and his Quran.

  31. My son gets so excited when it’s time to decorate the house for Ramadan/Eid. It’s something I love doing with his help. This year he also went moonsighting with his father at the beginning of Ramadan. This is a sunnah we wish to establish as a tradition in our home. InshaAllah he will go search for the moon for Eid, too.

  32. Aa. My 8 year old son has been fasting half days.. after milk and dates when he gets home from school….yesterday i caught him talking to a peach saying “im not going to eat you, im not!”

  33. My best Ramadan with kids moment was my daughter’s first complete fast this year at age 8. And she didn’t stop just there yet, she fasted two more days Alhamdulillah. Our best moments together were also when we all (sons, ages 10 months and 5 years, daughter 8 and us parents) sat down everyday and made dua as a family together. JazakumAllahu khayr for the eid activity pack :-D

  34. Among my favorite memories is watching my children eager to fast with us–joining us for suhoor and praying fajr. As well as, decorating in preparation for ramadan and getting our home ready for the beautiful month.

  35. My best ramadan moment was when my 2.5 yr old daughter was sat eating her biscuits and asked me if I wanted one. I said “later, mummy’s fasting.” about two minutes later she looked up at me and asked “mummy you still fasting now or u finished?!”

  36. Another time my daughters were playing “mummy and baby” games and they were feeding each other and their dolls. The younger one came to feed me some pretend food when the older one said “mummy can’t eat yet… She’s fasting you have to wait till the man sings on mummy’s phone then she can eat!” (she meant the adhan)

  37. Some of our best moments have been at the masjid. We often go for Taraweeh, and it is more enjoyable for me now that they are a bit older (7, 9 and 12). My kids love going for Suhoor at the masjid with my husband during the last 10 nights. They get upset if he can’t get them awake:)

  38. This Ramadan we explained to the children that we were fasting and why we are fasting. They decided that they wanted to fast too. Twenty minutes in they both decided that they could t do it any longer, although they continued to announce that they were fasting at random points through the rest of the month when they didn’t want to eat what was on their plate.

  39. I have 3 nieces and when Eid arrives they always decorate their living room with so many colourful things. It’s amazing how they get very excited and put so much effort into it.

  40. My favorite moment this year was watching my 4 year old pray (or sleep) next to me during Taraweeh prayers. She was so excited to stay up late to attend the prayers!

  41. As salamu alaikum sisters
    My best moment of ramadan with my son has been attending mosque for iftar. It has allowed him (age 5) to get involved with ramadan and the spirit of it as well as meet with many other brothers he does not normally see.

  42. The moment with the kids: cookie sharing! The sisters in the area bake a few dozen each and gather to exchange. The kids love it and it gives a nice variety for our families Eid celebrations.

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