10 More Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima

I am expanding on my last post on setting spiritual resolutions for yourself as a Muslima. You can read the first part of the article, 10 Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima here. I always find Ramadan a refreshing time of the year, so I feel motivated to set some spiritual goals for myself during that month.

I may not keep to everything I set, but I believe in reaching for the stars and aiming high, so my accomplishments can surmise to a decent amount of effort. As I said before, do not feel daunted by these goals because consistency is more beloved to Allah than quantity. The Prophet SAW said;

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small”.  (Bukhaari and Muslim)

The Prophet SAW also said;

“Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.” (Sunan Ibn Mājah 4240)

So choose a few goals for yourself or set some new ones that I have’nt mentioned. The key is to continually improve yourself and not get stuck in a spiritual rut.

10 More Spiritual Resolution Ideas

1. Make special dua for your parents

If your parents are alive, honor them and serve them. Give them the best of yourself and let go of petty arguments, then make dua for them daily. If your parents have passed away, like mine, you can still honour them by making dua for them and asking Allah SWT to forgive you for your disobedience or any pain and hurt you may brought upon them. Here is a Supplication of Courtesy to Parents if you want some ideas what to say in your dua for your parents.

2. Read the Quran with understanding

Read the Quran in your language of understanding or read the tafsir. Formulate a time in the evenings, like after maghrib salah to read the meaning of a sura with your children. You can also let each child take turns to read a portion each time you have this gathering. At first your kids may moan, so did mine, but alhumdulillah they start to appreciate the beauty of the words they read. Also the Quran is filled with stories so they will love that part and it will kick off discussions in history and seerah.

3. Refresh your Quran memorization

I used to know by heart so many more suras as a child, but now I have become rusty with some of them. I committed to start from the end of Juz amma and work my way up to refresh my memorization of the suras that I have forgotten. Alternatively, if you need to memorize more suras, start now and help your children do the same. My children’s Quran teacher once told me that we should all memorize Juz Amma (the last juz of the Quran) as a minimum, so that’s a goal we could set for ourselves and our kids inshAllah.

4. Make your intention for Allah

Try to do what you do, but be aware of setting your intention for Allah SWT. An intention is for the heart to firmly resolve to perform an action and to draw closer to Allāh, when initiating the action. There are three aspects to an intention,

  • The minimum legally valid intention, which is to firmly resolve to perform an action
  • The intention needed for reward, which is to also intend to draw closer to Allāh
  • The time, it is a condition that the intention is made as one initiated the action, or just before it.

Sayyidi Ibn al-Arabi says in his What the Seeker Needs:

“Do everything you do in order to come close to your Lord in your worship and prayers. Think that each deed may be your last act, each prayer your last prostration, that you may not have another chance. If you do this, it will be another motivation for becoming heedful and also for becoming sincere and truthful. Allah does not accept good deeds done unconsciously and insincerely as readily as deeds done in consciousness and sincerity.”
Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak said, “How often it is that a small action is made great by its intention, and a great action is made small by its intention.” (Source: Seekershub)

5. Perform charity more often

Try to implement one small charitable act per day and one bigger charitable act per month. This can be where you are helping someone or making another feel good. Your time is a great way to be charitable. Make charity a part of your life! If you earn money, pay a small amount each month from your paycheck to a charity, even if it is just $5! Besides your barakah increasing, you will feel good in your heart. It’s when we do nothing that we feel restless and guilty in our hearts. Break the urge to hoard wealth and commit to giving more of your sustenance to others. Only good will come from this inshAllah.

6. Be kinder to your family

Sometimes we tend to treat other family members and acquaintances better than our own spouse and kids. I have witnessed moms’ who are doing wonderful charitable acts for the community, yet they find their kids a nuisance and reprimand them harshly in public. To be honest, I don’t get that because charity begins first in the home. If you notice that your patience is lacking with the ones you love the most, set the resolution to be kinder and talk nicer to your spouse and kids. Compare how you would talk to them if they were your friend or even a stranger. You wouldn’t be talking to them that way, see the difference?

7. Keep more in touch

Set a time each week, by placing a reminder on your phone with an alarm to keep in touch with family, especially close ones. Don’t let social media be your only contact with the people you care about. Send a text or call your parents, brother, sister, grandparents etc. regularly. Life is short and before you know it, someone you care about could pass away and you’ll live with the regret that you didn’t keep in touch more. It’s not lack of time that is the only factor when you don’t keep in touch, but also when you do not make something important a priority.

8.  Study your faith

Commit to begin learning one aspect of your deen well, and when you have, start learning another. Alternatively, pick up a course at Seekershub Course Offerings and start your journey to increasing your knowledge of deen. One of the things I’ve noticed when I study Islam is how much easier the deen is compared to what I thought. I have learned that the rules are not always black and white or carved in stone. Rather, a lot of rulings are best advised from a shaykh who has studied the deen, and not to be interpreted by ourselves, which causes more hardship. The rulings are also guided by logic, circumstance, the times we live in, and the laws of the land. It has been eye-opening for me and I strongly advise the seeking of knowledge for parents especially.

9. Make more personal dua

Finally, I’ve made the commitment to make more dua and to talk to Allah SWT as much as I can. There are so many things that I want to say in my duas but a lot of the time I forget. So I wrote down all the things I want to ask in my dua and now when I forget, I open up the notepad app on my phone and read out the things I want to ask from Allah SWT. Also try to make your dua more heartfelt and begin by asking Allah for forgiveness, praising him, saying thank you, and then making humble and earnest dua.

10. Analyze your honesty

Most days we perform one transaction or another. We are being tested continually by how we handle our affairs. The small dishonest things we do could be lessening our blessings. So for example, your cashier at the grocery store did not charge you for one item, do you call to rectify it? You are returning an item at the store that you broke, but saying it was broken, is it worth it? It may seem that you are getting away with this and saving money, but these are all forms of dishonesty and your barakah is being diminished. A good resolution is to become more aware of your honesty and realize that our children are watching the example we set. The Prophet SAW was known for his honesty and integrity, and that’s who we want our kids to follow inshAllah!

May Allah accept all our efforts and grant us ease, ameen.

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