Mommy’s Self Care Journal

Self-Care is not selfish, it is necessary and essential for a woman’s well-being. As a mom, your self-care is usually the last thing you worry about. That’s why I created this Self-Care Journal for myself so I don’t forget. I’m offering it for sale so you can use it too!

It is 24+ page journal is packed with ideas to help you get started on your self-care for the year ahead. This is a digital product, so you can download it immediately and print the pages over and over again as you need. Also, makes a great gift for a special sister in your life!


  • A page for personalization and the date you begin your self-care.
  • My List of Duas (Ideas) – Sample ideas of what you can write on your dua list.
  • My List of Duas – Essential to begin your self-care journey. A place for you to write your personal duas so you don’t forget.
  • My List of Ideas – A place to write down ideas of what you can do in self-care for your mind, body, and soul.
  • Monthly Checklist – An accountability chart to check-off your self-care each day for a month at a time.
  • Loving Myself – A place to self-reflect and write things you like about yourself and things you are good at.
  • Healing Myself (Ideas) – Ideas of what to stop and what to start to ease your stress and worries as a mom.
  • Healing Myself – A place to write the things you need to stop doing and the things you need to start doing instead.
  • My List of Joys (Ideas) – Ideas of things you can begin to do for your enjoyment and not as a responsibility.
  • My List of Joys – A place to express your loves and joys in an effort to learn about yourself.
  • My List of Goals (Ideas) – Ideas of the kinds of goals you can set for yourself as a busy mom.
  • My List of Goals – A place to write your goals whether short-term or long-term.
  • My List of Needs (Ideas) – Ideas of what you should be doing to be a healthy mom.
  • My List of Needs – A place to write the needs you have to be a healthy mommy.
  • Personal Notes – To share any other thoughts you have as a mom.

To Sweeten The Deal…

I have also created Mommy’s Self-Care Affirmation Cards. Why does a mommy need self-care affirmation cards? As a reminder to take care of herself and not be anyone’s doormat! Each day you can place a new card on your desk or anywhere you look most often. For two weeks you will see a different card that will affirm your conviction to change your weak habits. Our brain also takes in the visual reminder and over time can change the way we think. Purchase this set with the Mommy’s Self Care Journal to complete your mission to be a healthier mom!


  • Print the PDF file (two cards on one page size 8.5″ x 11″).
  • Laminate the cards.
  • Cut where applicable.
  • Each day or week place a new card on your desk/billboard as a reminder.
  • You can purchase it alone or with the Self-Care Planner!

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Purchase Your Self-Care Affirmation Cards Here or Below 

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