A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle in today's times where obesity is high is so important. When talking about a nutritious way of life, I don't mean everything has to be organic or raw, but rather that you live healthy by: Eating consciously Having more fruit and veggies Eating fewer carbs Allowing yourself a little treat now and again Everything in moderation A lot of people use the word 'diet.' I prefer to use the word 'lifestyle change,' because essentially that's what eating (Read more...)

A Mom’s Guide to Nutrition and Its Myths

I wanted to begin my article, by dispelling 3 common nutritional myths and establish the real facts. In all probability, you may have heard the fitness and health gurus telling you what is good for you. Exercise daily Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit Cut your salt Reduce your sugar Yet, we still find it difficult to make the right choices. Knowing how many calories there are in a pizza, doesn't necessarily make us change our eating habits instantly. We are constantly faced (Read more...)

Basic Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

I am excited to guest post and help mommies find easy ways to keep up with the beauty of motherhood. I want to go over some basic beauty tips that I'm sure you have heard about but need a reminder. When people hear the term 'beauty,' they think of things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Some women tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, and to keep up with the latest fashion trends. That is not the key; the aim should be to take (Read more...)

Super Foods For Ramadan

Editor's Note: Assalamu Alaikum. I pray you are all having lovely days of fasting filled with the Blessings and Forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Yesterday, during Jumuah in the masjid, a young boy fainted in the line in front of my husband. This sad occurrence reminded me to tell you that if you have young children who want to fast, please ensure that they are getting a good suhoor and iftaar, which include dates, water, fruit, vegetables, protein and fiber. I know many parents want to reward their (Read more...)