Dealing With the Loss of Ones Parents

It was a sad day this week for my family when my maternal aunt passed away after 12 years of fighting Multiple Myeloma cancer, may Allah have mercy on her. The loss was painful because she was the last living sibling of my mother, and my sadness was intensified by the reminder of the passing of my parents a few years ago. The pain of losing parents leaves an ache in your heart that never goes away, it is dulled but always there. We don't realize how much our parents mean to us until they're (Read more...)

25 Post Ramadan Goals

The sadness of post-Ramadan is pretty anti-climatic wouldn't you say? We have to work super hard for the next eleven months to get another one month of extra blessings and mercy to come again, inshAllah. Nowadays, when Ramadan ends, I feel truly sad. I did not feel like this many years ago though. When I was growing up, I considered Ramadan to be fun, exciting, different, a more religious time, of course not eating - yet having better breakfast, dinners and a lot more treats! And I was also more (Read more...)

Interview With Storyteller Maryam Sinclair

Alhamdulillah I had the honor of interviewing the remarkable storyteller - Mehded Maryam Sinclair. She is the author of The Fall of the Tyrant; A Trust of Treasures, A Mercy to the Worlds, The Bowing of the Stars; Miraculous Happenings in the Year of the Elephant and When Wings Expand - the winner of the 2011 UK Muslim Writers' Association Competition. I have all Maryam Sinclair's audio and books for my children, and that is the main reason for this interview, to promote high-quality educational (Read more...)

A Simple and Giving Ramadan With Kids

I really think us mothers can get complicated at times. When Ramadan comes, we feel the urge to make it so special for our children that it becomes stressful and time-consuming. The aim of Ramadan is not to cause undue hardship, but for our children to enjoy a few special activities, learn more about their deen, remember Allah more often, and it's about performing good deeds and giving! So lose the complicated arts and crafts and the "I have to do this or make that" attitude, and actually enjoy (Read more...)

A Review of Miraj Audio Stories For Kids

Miraj Audio uses the power of storytelling to help children experience the beauty of Islam and engage with its values and tradition. They stimulate the imagination and excite curiosity, by genuinely engaging children with the wonder of Islam and the reward of knowledge. My children are big fans of Miraj Audio children's stories and they love to listen to the tales as they fall asleep at night, drive in the car on trips, or listen as they color. The best part about these well-told, animated (Read more...)

A Review of Jannah Jewels Books For Kids

Muslimommy had the pleasure of reviewing a series of books called Jannah Jewels Adventure Series. The Jannah Jewels chapter books is an exciting Islamic Adventure Series designed for young readers, which focus on Islam's rich history. We read 3 books in the series, The Treasure of Timbuktu The Chase in China Bravery in Baghdad The author Umm Nura, was inspired to write these chapter books in order to share Islamic history with her daughter in an exciting way. Her books are written (Read more...)