Being A Healthy Mommy

As moms, we tend to put ourselves last when it comes to health. Bad habits make you feel lethargic, and it takes longer to complete your tasks. If your body is not getting the right nutrition, your energy levels are low, and your mind is not alert. With the lack of time as a constant deterrent, I try to incorporate at least a few simple steps that will boost my health and energy levels so that I can keep up with my kids and home. Drink plenty of water Yes, I know you've been told a hundred times (Read more...)

Easy Storage Solutions for Busy Moms

I absolutely love to organize! But alas, with my six young kids, my love for organization cannot be judged by the status of my home. A mom has to choose to either have a super organized home and yell at her kids, or choose some simple organizing methods and have less pressure. Some of the biggest challenges of being a busy mom with many kids are sorting socks, finding shoes, storing hats, belts, and hijabs. I cannot count the number of times my family was delayed, or one of my kids looked ridiculous (Read more...)

Have You Hugged and Kissed Your Kids Today?

I wrote this poem for parents everywhere to remember not to be too busy to show affection to your children. A parent's life is so fast, and our days fly by quick,  as we rush and we race to give tasks a tick,  but during that time, we need to slow down our pace,  and give our children a hug, a kiss or embrace. Have you ever been around your children and realized that you hadn't kissed or hugged them that entire day? It happened to me a few times and it started to bother me a lot. As I (Read more...)

Balancing Your Life As a Mother Interview

I managed to grab another busy mommy from her hectic life, to sit down and share with us her priceless advice on how she balances her life as a mother who is constantly on the go. She juggles life as a dedicated wife, inspiring mother, successful homeschooler and organized homemaker. She also studies part-time towards a professional career, side by side with her study of Deen. NAME: Mariam AGE: Mid 30′s  STATE: California  KIDS: 4 AGES: 9, 8, 5, 4 TYPE OF SCHOOLING: Homeschool What (Read more...)

When Homeschool Gets Too Difficult

One of the worst issues in homeschooling is the feeling of being overwhelmed and isolated as a parent, and the same can be said for the children who are homeschooled as well. This is what many struggle with and is the top complaint by most homeschool families. When I homeschool and my kids and I start to feel this way, I would do the following steps: 1. Take a Break - You're Human! I take a break from homeschooling for a week or so, and just enjoy my children with craft-type activities. We go on (Read more...)

Punctuality – The Neglected Virtue

Assalamu Alaikum. Have you ever heard of a ridiculous time called MST aka Muslim standard time? It is the acceptable tradition of arriving later than the appointed time for an invitation, and one that many people consider the norm. I know that as busy parents we are always short of time, and seem to be rushing for an event or appointment.   I can certainly relate to the last-minute mishaps that happen along the way, such as baby having the worst diaper ever, or the groan of realization that (Read more...)

Your Intention is the Key to Your Contentment

I wanted to remind you about a beautiful saying in Islam that has helped me many times to find comfort and ease. It is the beautiful words of Fi'Sabilillah (In the Way of God). Have you ever noticed that sometimes you do things for others and may not get the appreciation that you deserve? Have you ever felt that being a wife and mother can test your will so much that it seems you are giving all the time and not receiving a lot in return? When we do something big, we all love the occasional pat (Read more...)

Better Health for Busy Moms

When deciding to get healthy, you should aim towards a realistic goal weight and start a nutritious lifestyle. Begin by going for your physical and your blood tests if you are prone to headaches, feeling fatigued and checking on your cholesterol level. It's high time you take note of what your body is telling you. Pregnancy and the toll of motherhood makes a mom deficient in necessary vitamins and proper nourishment. Eating healthy foods and losing excess fat, instead of turning to quick meals (Read more...)