A Story of Shaban For Kids

The month of Sha'ban is the 8th month of the Islamic calendar and holds special significance, because it is the month before the holy month of Ramadan in preparation to fast, and in Sha'ban, Allah (swt) Showers much forgiveness on us. Our beloved Prophet (saw) referred to Sha'ban as "my month" when he said,“Rajab is the month of Allah, Sha`bān is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah." (Narrated by al-Suyūṭī) Enjoy a Muslimommy exclusive, "Sha'ban The Branch". It is a 16-page explanation (Read more...)

The Personal Ramadan and Eid Planner

A simple and chic 23-page Personal Ramadan Planner with chic cover is the must-have item this Ramadan for a busy mom to organize her life and have a stress-free Ramadan month! Lose the excuses and procrastination with the Ramadan Planner that will ensure you stay organized in your preparations before Ramadan, as well as stay on track during the blessed, yet challenging month of Ramadan. THE RAMADAN PLANNER INCLUDES: Chic Ramadan Planner Cover Ramadan Reflections Page Ramadan Goals (Read more...)

A Moms Guide To Istikhara

Many times we are told by pious family and friends, to pray istikhara for the decisions we face in life, but we are not told much about the hows of Istikhara. I used to think istikhara was a prayer I must make only for major decisions in my life, or if I could not make up my mind about something paramount. I was not familiar with the actual essence of this powerful prayer, nor its valuable benefit to my conflicts. I did not realize that this prayer made me put my trust in Allah entirely, by asking (Read more...)

Using Charts To Avoid Kids Excuses

There is an abundance of charts for kids all over the internet, and it can get overwhelming for a mom to choose the ones that suit her needs best. I've noticed the charts that work best for children are simple and have the least amount of frills. When I use charts for my kids, I see significant progress, and my kids are more productive. Why Use Charts? 1. Relieves Some Mommy-Stress A responsibility chart can help a mom get her child to complete tasks with less nagging. When your child sees what (Read more...)

The 2017 Mom Calendar is Here!

A Special Gift for Muslimommy Subscribers! Receive your free 15-page color 2017 Mom Calendar compliments of Muslimommy! The Mom Calendar includes the full 2017 Gregorian Calendar, as well as the 1438/1439 Hijri Calendar until December 2017 for your convenience. Alongside each month, I've sprinkled some self-care inspiration just for busy moms to remember to take time for themselves. As a suggestion, you can print the entire calendar, and add it to a 3-ring binder to use as a planner to jot down (Read more...)

The Get Organized Home Planners

**THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE ANY LONGER What is the Get Organized Home Planners? It is a simple and helpful home management system tailored especially for the busy mom who wants to keep her home and family running like a well-oiled machine! It can be impossible to run a household efficiently without an organizational system in place. The Go Planners are all in PDF format with ready-to-fill printables that you can easily add to a 3-ring binder. It includes clear and easy to follow tables and (Read more...)

The Get Organized Muslima Planner

The 30-page color Get Organized Muslima Planner is the first of its kind! It is tailored towards the busy Muslima who wants to set goals towards improving her deen. Have you ever felt that your ibadah is neglected? That you cannot find time to do more than your fards? Have you longed to feel closer to your Lord? And wished to achieve your goals of strengthening your imaan? Then this is your step in the right direction... The Go Muslima Planner will help you to become organized in your deen goals towards (Read more...)

The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner

**THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE ANY LONGER. GET THE NEW AND UPDATED PLANNER! The simple and effective 50-page color Get Organized Personal Mom Planner is here for 2017! Tailored especially for a busy mom to organize her life. Does your mind seem scattered? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your day? Do you feel as if you can't keep up? This is your answer... The Get Organized Personal Mom Planner can help you get back on track! It's a planner that I use myself, and I have made it accessible for (Read more...)