A Story and Coloring Book About Ta’if For Children

The story of Ta'if is a heartfelt story for children, that occurred in the Year of Sorrow - a trying time for our beloved Prophet Muhummed (saw). This event occurred before the very special Al Isra wal Mi'raj, and is a beautiful story to relay to children about some of the hardships that the Prophet (saw) had to endure. Even through his hardship, the Prophet (saw) never sought revenge but showed compassion towards those who wronged him, always praying for them to change. There are images scattered (Read more...)

Rajab Shabaan and Ramadan Story for Kids

I wrote a story for children about the three special months of Rajab, Shabaan and Ramadan, to teach kids about the significance of these auspicious months in Islam. Most children love to color, so I created it as a coloring book to get their creative juices flowing and make the story more interactive. As a subscriber, you get the Rajab, Shabaan and Ramadan Story and Coloring Book for free by downloading it from "The Mom Vault" using your secret password. If you would like to join our newsletter (Read more...)

Teach Your Child Knitting

One of the crafts my children really wanted to learn was to knit, so I decided to look for some helpful videos that showed us how to do it from scratch. Knitting had lost it's popularity many years ago, but has made a comeback - that's great news for kids! As a child, I had learned to do all types of handcrafts in school, and today I am able to learn new types of stitches and methods faster, and I'm not daunted by projects, because I had learned the basics already. The factor now is lack of time! But (Read more...)

Teach Your Child Embroidery

My girls were interested in a new hobby and I thought of teaching them embroidery but did'nt not know where to begin. I had remembered a few embroidery tips from my school days, but they wanted to learn how to make different kinds of stitches with expertise. I find that it is more effective to put on a YouTube video tutorial for them and let them learn the steps by someone who excels in what they do, instead of mommy trying to remember her old ways which may cause frustration to them or I. Alhamdulillah (Read more...)

Tips To Keep Your Marriage Thriving

Marriage is a trial and a test for couples. There are good days, and there are bad days. It is a union of two individuals who think differently, had different experiences and dealt with situations in their own way. Sometimes there are moments in a marriage that can get challenging, causing wretched arguments and constant bickering. Some couples tend to fight so often, that they become numb and want to give up on their marriage. On those days I recommend that you read this Hadith, as it will remind (Read more...)

When You Need Help As a Mother

As busy moms, we have so much on our plate that we tend to multitask a lot! We may not perform our duties too well because of this, which can cause frustration to others and ourselves. Later this turns into guilt and feelings of forlorn, that's why I promote that busy mothers get the help they need. There's a negative stigma attached to mothers living in the West who employ cleaners and mother's helpers, but a positive acceptance of moms who hire babysitters and childcare providers for their children. (Read more...)

12 Tips to Avoid Information Overload

Previously, I had written an article When Information Becomes Overwhelming, to discuss how I would going online to find solutions and support for my problems, but ended up not implementing them when I was done. This usually happens when you research online but become overloaded with too many answers or distracted by too many problems. The way I've avoided getting to this point is by implementing the following tips: 1. Limit Your Social Media Instead of having a Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (Read more...)

When Information Becomes Overwhelming

As a busy mom, you always have problems that need solving. Whether it's work-related, a parenting issue, some marriage advice, a recipe, or even how to fix or clean something, you go looking for solutions. But have you ever felt like the more you go searching online for answers to your problems, the more you end up doing nothing about them? It's a crazy cycle but one that is all too often the reality. It is not something that one can even help most of the time, because the world has changed so much (Read more...)