Get Organized Personal Planner 2015

Thank you for your support in purchasing our 2015 Personal Planner. Sales are now closed on this version. You can purchase the new version on our site. The Get Organized Personal Planner Muslimommy Giveaway Winners Announced!Congratulations to the giveaway winners!!! The February 2015 winner Sr. Khadija The March 2015 winner is Sr. Aadila The April 2015 winner is Sr. Hunane The May 2015 winner is Sr. Rehana. Thank you for your submissions! (Read more...)

Teach Your Child Salah and Make It Stick!

Order my new ebook Teach Your Child Salah - and make it stick! I have gathered the information in this book from my years of trial and error with my own children and through helping others. Now you too can benefit from this knowledge of learning the art of getting your child to develop a love of salah so it sticks! Get your copy today at a low price! Order your copy below using the payment form or by clicking HERE! Loading... (Read more...)

Make Your Android Tablet Safe For Kids

I have a small 8" Android tablet (sorry Apple folks), that we recently began to allow our older kids to use for educational purposes, to listen and memorize Quran, listen to audio books, nasheeds, to take photos of nature, and correspond with distant family (to name a few). We did not always have a tablet, because my kids would use the computer occasionally when they needed to do some work, and I thought that having both a computer and a tablet was a waste. That is, until I was given a tablet (Read more...)

Getting Your Life Back From Social Media

It was one of those days when I needed to rethink how I was approaching life with my older kids, as my current approach to parenting was in need of a major fine-tune. So what has that got to do with my topic of a social media? Simply that I needed to avoid social networks so I could focus on my family. Some might think it is too drastic to avoid social networks for various reasons, but since I have been detoxing from social media and went completely off Facebook, I must say, it's been awesome! (Read more...)

An Interview With a Busy Grandmother

I had the pleasure of interviewing an awesome wife of 34 years, mother of 11, grandmother of 13, a teacher for over 30 years, educator of hundreds, children and parent author, who serves the community and offers helpful parenting advice, by writing popular e-books. She is known as Grandma Jeddah, well-known for her e-book, 'Disciplining Without Disrespecting.'  Grandma Jeddah is one of those jewels of a woman, who can balance a busy life, with being a dedicated wife, and mother to many kids. To (Read more...)

Chronicles of Faith – A Great Channel for Tweens and Teens

Recently I came in contact with the team at Chronicles of Faith, to promote their newly released videos. When I viewed a few of their YouTube shows, I was pleasantly surprised and very much amused! It is always refreshing to see people taking positive initiatives to improve society, instead of bemoaning its ills. These guys deserve a big pat on the back for their input towards the youth. My kids (especially my boys) love Ali Ardekani's Baba Ali Videos, and the Islamic message sticks with them when (Read more...)