Muslim Women Secrets to Success Course *Special Offer*

Assalamu alaikum amazing Ladies! Alhamdullilah. I pray your Ramadan was a month filled with blessings for you, and that all your coming days continue to be filled with God’s endless gifts. At the same time I know with all of the sad news we have been hearing about Muslims all over the world recently, our hearts can feel heavy and as Muslim women in particular, we may feel more insecure and even fearful due to some of the heart-breaking incidents we see happening to Muslim women. Now, more so (Read more...)

Reflections on Motherhood Audio

Assalamu Alaikum. As a mom alhamdullilah, to two active wonderful boys. I know the journey of motherhood can be a rewarding one, yet filled with challenges, especially if you are raising your children away from family and relatives. Indeed, I think the role of being a mother is such an honourable role, yet has its difficulties. In this video series, I give an introduction into how to manage an array of emotions that mothers may experience - this particular video gives 4 steps you can take to manage (Read more...)