5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Homeschooling Upper Grades

Our homeschooling journey didn’t start from the very beginning. I did not have years of experience before we entered the middle school years on our own, and there are many times I wish I did. I believe there are steps that you make as each year passes, knowing what to expect and what new goals you have for both yourself and your child. Well, as someone who didn’t have that previous knowledge to work with, and knowing many people are pulling their kids out of school near the middle school years, (Read more…)

5 Ways to Prepare for Ramadan (Before or After)

Ramadan is here, alhamdulilah! Are you ready? Do you have a Ramadan routine yet? If not, it’s not too late! It’s taken me quite a few years to learn what I want to complete before Ramadan starts, and with a growing family, advanced planning makes or breaks my Ramadan, especially how much barakah I get out of it. But for those of you who haven’t prepared before Ramadan, you can still apply these tips in the first days of Ramadan, so you can make the rest of your Ramadan easier inshAllah. Here (Read more…)

5 Tips to Avoid Power Struggles With Your Kids

Power struggles. We see them all the time, especially in public places as mothers plead with their kids to behave. Common concerns among parents are, where do you draw the line? When do you put your foot down and declare authority in a situation? When do you listen to reasonable negotiations? As a homeschooler, I hear this question often, “How do I get my kids to listen to me without fighting with them all day?” Of course we must start with the typical mommy-blog disclosure: All families (Read more…)

Making Homemaking Your Career

2015 was tough for me as a housewife and stay at home mom. So often it felt like my children would orbit around me, but with chaos instead of the beautiful illustration of swimming planets, as Allah describes in the Qur’an. Wherever I step, wherever I go, there they are, in want and in need of something from me. 2015 was tough. With my 4th child born in January, it started out rather smooth, but with a 4 year old and 2 year old still needing a lot of attention, things built up rather quickly. The (Read more…)

Why I Stopped Fussing Before Inviting People

Do you avoid inviting people over to your home because you’re afraid you can’t get the house clean enough before they come over? Me too. Do you often suggest meeting elsewhere because you’re too exhausted to imagine cleaning before someone comes over? Then too, the idea of getting the kids out and ready to go is too exhausting to follow through? Me too. During the past five years, it feels like I’ve always had a child who doesn’t sleep through the night, so I’ve been battling chronically (Read more…)

5 Tips To Reduce Mom Anxiety

I never considered myself an anxious person, but I’ve seen it creep up through the years. It wasn’t until a fellow Islamic studies teacher described how she felt having an anxiety attack at work, did I realize that I was living with anxiety. What’s more, is my family living with my anxiety? My family had to manage with my ups and downs, my struggles with meeting deadlines for things I volunteered for (and kept volunteering for the sake of our local Muslim community, at the expense of my family), (Read more…)

Supporting Your Teenage Student

My oldest daughter has spent the last six years homeschooling, from 4th to 10th grade. Now, she is finishing her junior and senior years of high school at the community college, earning college credit, in sha Allah. It’s a new change for us in that I am no longer supporting her studies at home, but rather having to support her as she attends school elsewhere. I’m no longer in charge of the lesson plans (to my and my schedule’s relief, alhamdulilah), so my role is quite different. I find this (Read more…)

4 Steps to Build Your Ramadan Routine

It’s that time of year again where people are planning their Ramadan, and especially planning how to get the most out of this blessed month, in sha Allah. Since I have young children in the house, I no longer get to be in a Ramadan bubble, where I can retreat for the month with lectures, taraweeh prayers, and iftars as the masjid. Things have had to adjust to match with my growing family, and in sha Allah I can share with you how to build a routine to get the most out of Ramadan. 1. Carve out (Read more…)

Set an Educational Atmosphere In Your Homeschool

It’s well known among Muslims that education is obligatory upon everyone – male and female. We know this from many ayat and ahadith: “Read! In the name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists). Has created man from a clot. Read! And your Lord is the most Generous, who has taught (the writing) by the pen. Has taught man that which he did not know.” {Qur’an Al Alaq, verse 1} “If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him understand and learn the deen.” {Bukhari and Muslim} “Convey (Read more…)

Time Management in Your Homeschool

One of the beauties of homeschooling is scheduling freedom, but that also comes at a price. We don’t have anyone else dictating how we use our time, so personal time management is of the utmost importance. If you’re struggling with fitting in everything you want to get done in a week, these quick tips for time management will be helpful in sha Allah. 1. Know yourself Some of us are naturally morning people, while others drag themselves out of bed each morning to grudgingly get a cup of coffee (Read more…)

Homeschool Upper Grades on a Budget

There are lots of budget friendly resources for homeschoolers in the younger grades, but as kids get older, it’s harder to find free printable packs, unit studies, or other free and cheap options. Plus, regardless of your homeschool philosophy, as you head closer toward high school, textbooks become a bigger part of your homeschool life. So, how to do you use upper grade homeschool curriculum on a budget? By knowing your resources and giving yourself time. First, take heart, I’ve found it (Read more…)

Wading Through Homeschool Resources

I remember when I was still using a virtual school, I asked a friend of mine, “How do you decide what resources to use, it seems so overwhelming!” Now, I find myself comfortably working through all the curriculum resources, weeding out what is not of interest to our family, and finding what will work, in sha Allah. Worldview First in the world of homeschooling resources, is finding curriculum that aligns with your worldview. Without any Islamic homeschool publishers, this can take a bit of (Read more…)

High School Basics In Homeschool

Most families feel relatively confident they will be able to homeschool in the elementary years, but as your student gets older, your confidence wanes. What if you didn’t do well in high school? What if you didn’t go to school in this country? These are reasonable concerns, but not reasons to walk away from homeschooling high school entirely. Homeschool Laws The homeschool laws throughout the US are vastly different from state to state. It’s your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with (Read more…)

4 Things You Should Know About Homeschool Testing

Does your state require standardized testing for your child? And if so, what are the requirements? If your state doesn’t require testing, what reason is there to still use a standardized tests? Standardized testing doesn’t have to be a big ordeal for homeschool families, and once you understand the various options, it can become part of your regular yearly routine. 1. Testing requirements by state Not all states require standardized testing for homeschoolers, others require that you take (Read more…)

Steps For Your Middle Homeschooler To Become More Independent

So many homeschooling families worry about teaching older kids, and how their kids will keep up with the workload, but the truth is, most older kids can work independently. Removing this burden to teach all the material to your child, can give you more time to focus on teaching a few more important subjects to them, in sha Allah. However, moving from complete parent involvement to independent work, is not something that happens overnight, but with a little patience over the course of a few (Read more…)