When Homeschool Gets Too Difficult


One of the worst issues in homeschooling is the feeling of being overwhelmed and isolated as a parent, and the same can be said for the children who are homeschooled as well. This is what many struggle with and is the top complaint by most homeschool families. When I homeschool and my kids and I start to feel this way, I would do the following steps:

1. Take a Break - You're Human!

I take a break from homeschooling for a week or so, and just enjoy my children with craft-type activities. We go on mini field trips or do nothing but read stories.

2. Your Curriculum's not Carved in Stone

I tweak our curriculum and try new methods to educate my kids to make the work less boring for them and me. As long as my kids are learning the concept, it doesn't matter how they get there.

3. The Basics is What Counts

I stick to the basics during very busy times in our life. If my kids complete only some math, read a book, and done writing and spelling that day, that is adequate.

4. Join the Homeschool Gang

I socialize with other homeschoolers and share ideas by going on playdates. Each time I learn something new, it renews my resolve to homeschool. It also makes us feel less isolated and helps me see that I am not the only one going through hard times.

5. Homeschool Online Blogs are Great

I read a lot of homeschool blogs to pick up different ideas to feel supported when I can't meet other homeschoolers in person. You can also join an online group if you want more interaction because they're always sharing new ideas.

6. Don't Be the Teacher

I follow the philosophy of guiding my children towards becoming independent learners. I do not stand beside them holding their hand to learn. This can be exhausting if we act like their teacher, instead of their facilitator.

7. Focus on What Matters

If I am behind in a subject or lesson, or if my child is weak in one area, I push everything aside for him/her. I focus for a few day on the one thing that my child needs to improve on. We tend to get overwhelmed from focusing on too much too soon.

8. Get a Mom Life

I ensure that I have a hobby as a mom and set aside time for my hobby. You cannot be a mom whose life revolves around her children. You need your individuality and it's healthy to take breaks from your responsibility, it makes you a better mom!

9. Stop When Frustration Sets In

When I become frustrated or my kids are being extra whiny or troublesome, I close the workbooks. I take the kids for a drive, or play some Islamic songs for them, or we listen to the Quran and draw.

10. Getting Help is Key

Last and most importantly, I get help! I know my limits and I say I need help. I ask for help from my hubby and friends. I also pay for help whether it is a cleaning lady or buying food from outside. It is not possible to homeschool and keep doing everything you normally did before you homeschooled.

I pray these tips help if you're facing difficulty in homeschooling. The main thing is to trust in Allah and ask Him for help with your hard journey. I could not survive if I did not have belief that Allah wants me to do this, it's what keeps me going more than any of the points above.