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Muslimommy was featured on a popular radio station back in 2004 alhamdulillah - my first audio recording! It was quite unexpected at that time, as I was more suited behind the scenes of my laptop writing my posts whenever I could fit in the time.

Allah SWT works in mysterious ways, as it came as a surprise to be invited to share my thoughts over air and with 350 000 listeners subhanallah.

I'll be honest - I was so nervous at first when I remembered that what I say, will stay there, and there’s no editing my thoughts if I make an error (hand over face). But my host, Mishka Daries, was ever so welcoming and made me feel as if we were simply having a chat over a cup of tea (with cookies - yum!).

I also knew that by the guidance of Allah SWT I could do this! And, that I should do this! For Muslim mommies everywhere, who needed a some inspiration and to feel that they’re not struggling in motherhood alone.

The Voice of the Cape Radio Station airs daily in Cape Town, South Africa (my hometown). My interview was a casual question and answer session on the Morning Expresso Show with the delightful host, Mishka Daries, who interviewed me on the topic, "Overcoming the Challenges of Motherhood".

So enjoy the show!

Mishka Daries

Mishka Daries


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