30 Signs You're A Mom Of Many Kids


As a mom of many kids, you tend not to do things like the average parent. You take shortcuts, cut corners, budget, juggle multiple things at once, and you’re a lot more chill than most moms.

If you’re a mom of many aka M.O.M, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re not and you wonder what it’s like to be in an M.O.M’s shoes read some of the signs I share below.

30 Signs You're a Mom of Many Kids

1. Your favorite restaurants are "kids eat free" or "buffet-style all-you-can-eat" places.

2. You look for bargain days in everything and have no qualms about taking your kids for a movie on a school night because it's half-price.

3. You coupon and compare grocery prices at multiple stores and might be somewhat OCD by having a shopping list with the price per ounce (guilty as charged).

4. No matter which friend you meet, you always have play buddies for their kids.

5. Any game you play as a family, whether it's a video game or a board game has to be multi-player, and you know all the games that are.

6. Most of your family and close friends feel guilty for not remembering the ages and names of your kids (well neither do you) and sometimes even forget how many you have.

7. When asked how old or what grade are your kids, you tend to take some time to answer as you try to figure out who is who, what is what, and which year you’re in.

8. You never need to set playdates because it's a playdate every day at your house.

9. Your coat closet should be opened with caution as you never know what may fall on you, or whether you'll be the next sucker who gets to pick up everything that falls out.

10. New clothes for your younger kids are pretty much used clothes from your older kids. Though they're still super happy to get them (bless their hearts).

11. You purchase items with the words "supersize," "economy" and "value pack" because those words are your money saving buddy.

12. When you were an amateur M.O.M, you got caught buying in bulk because you thought it was cheaper for your big family. Then you became a pro M.O. M and refer to your price per ounce list (mentioned in #3). Now you know bigger's not always cheaper, and you feel like a boss.

13. You never cook anything without doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the recipe depending on how much your family likes the meal for leftovers.

14. Fussy eating is a crime at your house because you couldn't possibly keep up with all that - and you can't deal with friends’ kids who are.

15. Many times you add fillers to your meal to make it go around more for frugality's sake. Beans, oats, frozen veg, and potatoes are always on your grocery list.

16. Other parents' and their kids love visiting your house because it's so kid-friendly and you're a pretty easy-going mom (though not out of choice).

17. Playing any team sports pretty much covers all the team members needed, so you never have to grab a neighbor's kid from the street.

18. Laundry is part of your life like the air you breathe and if you don't do a minimum of two loads per day - oh the backlog will annihilate your weekend.

19. Going out with all your kids can never be "under the radar" as you're always someone's topic of conversation for the day.

20. You can never be part of a carpool because there's usually no room in your supersize van. Nor can any of your kids bring a friend along for a drive.

21. When you shop at a warehouse or go for a monthly shopping haul, it's not uncommon to have two shopping carts filled to the brim - to the aghast stares of fellow shoppers.

22. When you leave or enter a restaurant, most people think you're having a party or celebrating some event, and the waiter may ask "what's the occasion?"

23. Nobody has their own bedroom.

24. When you purchase milk, 6 gallons at a time, onlookers and especially the cashier always think you're throwing a tea party.

25. Buying one box or bag of anything like snacks or chips is laughable. Though it may mean it's a parent's treat and if they don't eat it really fast, it's wiped out by one of the kids.

26. Family pictures are always challenging. To get everyone to look decent and smile at once may simply be impossible. So if your photo has everybody's eyes open without any funny faces, that's a win!

27. Having one kid leave their shoes behind or still be in their pajamas when going somewhere in the car, is not nearly as bad as leaving a child at home because you forgot to do a head count.

28. Washing the dishes for the day looks like you are in the army and received mess hall duty as punishment.

29. You wish you could get used to the stares when you go anywhere, but instead, you remain on tenterhooks because you know you're being judged for having so many kids.

30. The questions you get asked are the same ol’ ones again and again. You know the ones "How do you do it?" "Are they all yours?" and "Are you having more?" You wish you could hand out a photocopy of your typed answers to those who ask, without them thinking you're rude.

So if you can relate to my 30 signs, congratulations! You get a big pat on the back for being an awesome mom and so patient. Remember to enjoy the moment as the years pass by so fast. Stay strong mama, it's all worth it, and there is a great reward from our Lord!

If you're a M.O.M, I'm sure you have more signs to add, share them here, I’d love to hear!