To The Busy Mom Who Dislikes Exercise


To the mom who dislikes exercise - yup that's me! I guess I shouldn't be writing a blog post to myself but I know there’s a mom out there, actually probably tons of moms out there, who really dislike exercise like I do.

I know, I know, it's good for me, it will give me more energy, and I should do it for health reasons blah blah blah. The truth is, I dread it, I don't have time for it, and I really don't want to do it.

Now for want of sounding like a 4-year old having a tantrum, I remind myself that I am an adult and an example to my kids. I know I need to stop stamping my feet about exercise and get with it!

I figured that if I have to do exercise, I might as well find a way to cheat my way around it. Maybe there's a way to make exercise a lot less daunting so I don't feel like it's such a chore and dislike it as much.

To be honest, once I actually finish exercising, I don't hate it at all! I love the feeling of achievement and renewed energy and I'm ultra motivated! It seems like I just hate exercise before and while I'm doing it. I guess only self discipline and gaining a reward can overcome that.

My 4 Cheatsheet Exercise Ideas

1. I Have Stairs And I'm Not Afraid To Use It

I get some odd looks when I tell any of my friends that I go up and down my stairs at home for exercise. I don't know why people don't do this more often because it’s really a good way to get your cardio in. By the time I reach ten flights of stairs, I look pretty haggard especially after a long time of being unfit.

What I will also do is go upstairs to put something away, the go downstairs to pick up something during cleaning. In this way I have a purpose I don't actually feel like I’m exercising. If I have a few things to carry upstairs, I will take a few things up at a time time so I have to make a few trips on the stairs.

2. I Have A Trampoline And No, It's Not For My Kids

I have a mini trampoline which I purchased one fine day when I had a “motivational exercise moment” to get fit. Look, I know we all have one exercise machine that we purchase and it ends up being a place to put our laundry. Some of you may have an exercise machine stored in your basement or garage. I knew that might be me, so I figured a mini trampoline wasn’t going to be that big to store if I did not stick with it.

I actually enjoy using my trampoline and the official exercise you do with it is called rebounding. This may bring out the kid in you, but thankfully devoid of having to jump up and down like you’re 10 years old.

Rebounding is very beneficial for fitness and is a simply bouncing on a trampoline without your feet leaving base. This causes less strain and I can happily bounce for longer without feeling dizzy or getting a headache. It's a great way to get your exercise in a fun way and the benefits of rebounding are amazing!

3.  Is Yoga Even A Real Exercise?

The other exercise I do not mind is yoga, And yes, yoga may seem less cardio-ish but it makes you fit and works your muscles wonderfully! Though don't take my word for it, try it as see why many women love it. One of the reasons I even started doing yoga was because of its de-stressing benefits. As you know, stress causes a lot of health problems for us as well as weight gain.

To incorporate yoga as a busy mom, I simply put on a Youtube video of an instructor I love and follow the sequence 3-4 times per week. Yes, you can also attend a yoga class for more motivation and support, but I find that by the time I drive to the studio, change, have my class, and drive back home, it takes me much longer. And right now as a working mom of six, my time is super precious so I have to be self disciplined and follow my YouTube instructor.

With yoga, sometimes I can choose a video that helps a certain part of my body that aches. There are specific yoga exercises for every ailment and I can find one depending on my need - another reason I enjoy yoga!

4. Wii Fit Is Not Out Of Fashion

Ok, I confess, we still have an old Wii console and we love it. It is really, really fun to have challenges with your kids on the Wii Party games and besides causing awesome family moments with your kids, you are also getting fit. Trust me when I say that it causes a sweat and we literally have muscle aches the day after.

The Wii Fit game and board tells you your weight, BMI, and even fit age! It will help you set fit goals and tell you whether you are balnced in the way you step. The Wii Fit game has specific exercises you can follow along, but if you wish to feel like you are not exercising, the Wii Party games are best. This usually comes with a mat and have up to four players! Honestly, if you do not see yourself using a Wii at least get it for your young kids to get fit. It’s still so much fun!

So there you go dear mom who dislikes exercise. You can do any of these cheatsheet exercises if like me, exercise is not your favorite thing either. I'm not suggesting that my choices are a complete workout or that it's going to turn you into a marathon runner anytime soon. Though I will say it is a great way for a busy mom to stay fit and keep consistent in between hectic mom life - at least till she gets time to do more.