Gifts Ideas For The Muslim Teen Girl

gifts for muslim teen girl

It’s really hard to buy your teen, or worse, someone else’s teen a gift nowadays. When we think of a teenage girl, we think of her preferring to sit with her phone or chatting to her girlfriends. Yet, that’s just a stereotype we have from television and what we presume.

Having two teenage daughters, I've discovered that teen girls still like to do other things and enjoy gifts that aren't only digital. So I compiled a list of gift ideas for teen girls that my teen daughters love and I recommend if you have a teen gift dilemma.

1. A Handbag, Backpack, or Wallet/Purse

Trust me when I say, a teen needs a bag desperately! My teen daughter would not want to take a bag with when she went anywhere (she thought bags were for older women). She would end up holding her stuff in her hand, which was not only inconvenient for her, but resulted in leaving her things all over to get lost or taken. When I showed her some trendy bags and convinced her that teens do carry bags, she could not believe she hadn’t got one sooner!

Depending on your teen’s taste, you can get her a handbag, a purse/wallet for her cash, or even a new backpack for school or college. This is a gift she will not realize she needs till she gets it!

2. A Phone Cover, Popsocket, Phone Ring, Phone Charms

Most teens have a phone, a tablet, or a laptop (even though sometimes we wish they didn’t)! I know that my teen daughters’ love to bling their devices with stickers, quotes and charms. It makes an awesome teen gift when you give her a a nice phone, tablet, or laptop cover in her favorite theme. Throw in a Popsocket, phone ring, stickers, and charms and your gift becomes more elaborate for a bigger occasion. Make it more meaningful for her when you choose her theme. For one of my teens, anything with cats is her absolute fave!

3. Art Supplies

I know a lot of teen girls who like to draw, color, paint, and sketch. If your teen is artsy, then she will love any gift that includes a range of art supplies. You can gift her with gel pens and a stress-relieving coloring book, acrylic paints and a canvas, a spirograph set, or a sketchpad and sketching pencils in different colors. You can’t go wrong with this gift for a creative teen!

4. Self-Help Books For Teens

Nowadays, I feel sorry for teens as they have to deal with so much more stress than we had to as teenagers. They have more pressure on them from school and to attend college, they have to deal with social media pressure, and being self-disciplined and responsible with their cellphone, tablet, and laptop usage. Everything is about being wired-in to get any work done and to achieve results. It can cause them such anxiety!

Living a more holistic life or one without a phone or laptop has become so foreign, that even if a teen wanted to take a step back and unplug, they could not move ahead. Therefore, I feel it’s a wonderful gift to give some teen self-help books as it might be exactly what they need. Of course, if they prefer, you can get the Kindle versions so they can read it on their device. However, I still promote reading from books for my kids due to the various benefits.

5. Craft and Hobby Sets

If you purchase the right set for your teen, she’ll love a craft or hobby set. Most moms know what their teen is into as far as their likes and creativity. With this in mind, you can find beautiful gifts in this category that your teen girl will love! Some things that my teen daughters love are making necklaces, hand lettering, string art, making bracelets, crocheting etc. DIY projects are excellent ways to get your teen off her device and to use her hands to create something amazing!

6. Journals, Scrapbooks, or Planners

Most teens love to journal and use a planner, and if your teen has not found the joys in that yet, you really want to introduce her to it! There’s so many ways to make journaling and using a planner fun. I know my teen girls love to decorate their journals and planners with stickers, doodles, and washi tape. They enjoy writing out their plans each month in their planner, and sharing their thoughts or ticking-off their accomplishments in their journal. We have tried bullet journaling as well and they love the free expression of using that method.

That’s one of the reasons I began to create all types of Muslim journals for teens, I saw the benefits it had for my children. It helps teens keep track of their ibadah habits and to keep them motivated in their deen. See my full selection at Muslimommy Bookshop on Amazon.

7. A Series of Adventure Books

My teens love reading books in a series and there are some that they read over and over. The sets above are some of the few my teens really enjoy. Once they read them, they get to watch the movies, and almost always say that the movie is nothing close to the enjoyment of the original book. Depending on your values pertaining to the books you allow your teens to read, you can find many other options, but these are just some of the most popular ones that even I enjoy with my teens.

8. Spa Products and Treatments

Has your daughter discovered the benefits of taking a leisurely bath? I highly recommend it if you have not prompted her to take one! Adding some detoxifying bath salts to a warm bath is not only relaxing, but great for teen troubled skin! My teens really enjoy fizzy bath bombs in various flavors and colors. You can also buy your teen some after bath products to pamper herself, and some delicious smelling lotions and creams to complete her spa treatment. As moms, we should promote to our daughters the importance of spa treatments for relaxation and to de-stress. This will teach her that it’s okay to treat herself and take care of her needs when she grows up and feels the hectic strain of life as an adult and mom.

9. Personalized Jewelry or A Jewelry Box

My teen daughters love these! It is so pleasurable to receive a personalized piece of jewelry from someone special - I still do! I also highly recommend a musical jewelry box for an awesome teen gift. I remember having one as a teen and I listened to mine for years until it could not play any longer. I’ve had a weak spot for musical jewelry boxes ever since. These kind of gifts are very heartwarming and memorable for young girls.

10. Beauty Product Sets

There is so much to mention in this category. I mean most teen girls love beauty products. However, I don’t like to promote a lot of makeup to my teens, so we stick with gifts like natural lip balm sets, beauty tools to improve skin, and essential oil sets with a how-to book. My teens have learned the benefits of making their own beauty products using essential oils with other ingredients and this turned into another hobby for them!

11. Teen Room Decor

Another fave of my teen girls! They absolutely love to decorate their bedroom. You can find such lovely gifts such as a new bedspread, comforter with cute pillows, a nightlight or lamp that’s unique, fairy lights, wall art and quotes - you name it, they’ll love it because it makes their space more special.

12. Gift, Restaurant, or Movie Cards

Gift cards are the way to go when your teen girl is ultra fussy and likes her independance. Some of my teen daughter’s favorite gift cards are for movies, restaurants like Olive Garden because she loves Italian food, Gap clothing for her casual wear, and most everyone’s fave, an Amazon gift card. Whichever places your teen loves to visit or buy from, that’s the gift card you want to get her.

13. Sports or Gym Equipment

So many teen girls nowadays are into sports that I cannot possibly leave this category out. My teen daughter is big into yoga and gym right now and gets excited over yoga mats and ankle weights! My other daughter loves basketball and especially basketball shoes! If your teen girl likes a specific sport, it’s a win to get her gift in this arena.

14. Clothing and Shoes

I couldn't possibly leave out mentioning clothes and shoes when referring to a teen girl right? I mean, no matter if your teen dresses grungy or nice, she likes her clothes and shoes. It’s kind of a teen’s comfort zone. So you can’t go wrong with clothes and shoes as gifts for a teen girl, though you can go wrong if you choose something she doesn’t like! Therefore, it’s best to choose these items if you know your teenager’s taste in clothing really, really well. Some of my teen daughter’s favorite items of clothing are hoodies, boots, dresses, jeans, sweatpants, and tops with funny sayings. Sometimes we shop in the young men’s section to find more modest tops that are long sleeve and loose.

Well there you have it! Some great gift ideas for Muslim teen girls that I have gifted to my teen daughters. It’s a list that’s been verified by them and passed as super cool things to buy a teen girl - hope it helps you!

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Gift Ideas For The Muslim Teen Girl

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