Gifts Ideas For The Muslim Teen Boy

Gift ideas for Muslim Teen Boy

It’s super difficult to buy a teen boy a gift nowadays. I mean, when we think of a teen boy, we think of an older child playing video games and chatting with his friends. Yet, that’s just a stereotype we have in our head from television and what we presume. Having two teen sons, I find that teen boys still like to get gifts that are not only in video game format.

So I compiled a list of gift ideas for teen boys that my teenage sons love and would recommend for your teen gift dilemma.

1. A New Backpack or Wallet

I remember my teen son's reaction on the day we bought him a super cool new backpack in a camo print. He was so appreciative of what I thought was not that big of a gift. It seems teen boys have a thing for backpacks, which make this one of those gifts they'll always love to receive.

Another option is to give your teen son a wallet, as my teens loved receiving this gift as well. My sons use their wallets all the time to store their cards, cash, and ID's. You can purchase a name brand or pure leather wallet to make the gift extra special.

2. A Phone Cover, Headphones, Chargers

Most teens have a phone, a tablet, or a laptop (even though sometimes we wish they didn’t)! I know that my teen sons love anything electronic and which makes their life easier. This is an awesome teen gift when you give him a cool phone cover, Bluetooth headset, or wireless charger. Throw in a portable charger, a charger that’s extra long or glows and your gift becomes even more trendy.

3. Games For Teen Boys

Just because we are in the digital age, don’t give up on buying non-digital games for your teen sons. Of course, if your teens have never played board games before and have always been on a device, this may be hard at first, but it is possible. My teen boys enjoy playing games like chess, backgammon, Risk, Battleship etc. You can also get your son a magnetic dart board or mini basketball hoop for their room to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with games for an active teen boy!

4. Non Fiction Books For Teen Boys

Nowadays, teens have to deal with so much more stress than we had as teenagers. They have more pressure on them from school and to attend college, they have to deal with social media pressure, and being self-disciplined and responsible with their cellphone, tablet, and laptop usage. Everything is about being wired-in to get any work done and to achieve results. It can cause them such anxiety!

Living a life without a phone or laptop has become so foreign, that even if a teen wanted to take a step back and unplug, they could not move ahead. Therefore, I feel it’s a wonderful gift to give a teen self-help, funny, and factual books to gain some tips, look on the bright side, and learn some life skills. My sons enjoy reading these type of books Of course, if your son prefers, you can get the Kindle versions so they can read it on their device. However, I still promote reading from books for my kids due to the various benefits.

5. Hobby and Gadget Sets

If you purchase the right set for your teen, he’ll love a gadget or hobby set. Most moms know what their teen is into as far as their likes and creativity. With this in mind, you can find amazingly cool gifts in this category that your teen boy will use. Some things that my teen sons love are brain teasers, puzzle cubes, scientific gadgets etc. These kind of kits are excellent ways to get your teen off his device and to stimulate his mind!

6. Toys For Teen Boys

Let’s be honest, no matter how old males get, they love their toys! My older sons still like toys such as drone planes and robots which they play with their dad. They also still build with Lego and snap circuits since they were young boys. I feel that boys need to tinker to relax and unwind in this manner and it beats doing that through video games. If you have boys like mine who have a feel for engineering or science, they’ll love this stuff! And if your teen is into astronomy, I also highly recommend a telescope - my boys love theirs.

7. A Series of Adventure Books

My teens love reading books in a series and there are some that they read over and over. The sets above are some of the few my teens really enjoy. Once they read them, they get to watch the movies, and almost always say that the movie is nothing close to the enjoyment of the original book. Depending on your values pertaining to the books you allow your teens to read, you can find many other options, but these are just some of the most popular ones that even I enjoy with my teens.

8. Cologne or Grooming Kits

Teen boys usually start growing hair on their face and begin taking better care of their appearance. Before, I could not get my tweens to take a shower, and now as teens, I can’t get them to stop! That’s why these kind of gifts are not only much needed, but greatly appreciated by guys. My teens also enjoy wearing cologne, especially at jumuah and they are super happy to finally have their own grooming kit and not have to share it with their younger siblings who misplace it! Teen boys need their own trimmer too, and I like to get them one that can be used for different areas.

9. A Waterproof Watch, Fit Watch, Classic Watch


My teen sons love these gifts! It is so pleasurable to receive an awesome watch that has multi functions like a night light, stopwatch, and is waterproof. You can also give your teen a nice fit watch with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, temperature function etc. Alternatively, if your teen likes to dress up, he may enjoy a more classic watch. These kind of gifts are very heartwarming and memorable gifts especially from parent to child. My son wears his watch all the time.

10. Utility Knife, Tool Set, Auto Kit

My sons really like having their own tool sets handy to help me around the house or fix their stuff. If your teen is at the driving stage, he'll really appreciate an auto kit for his car. I remember my brother always having a Swiss army utility knife in his pocket from a young age which always came in handy. I see my son really likes his one too, yet many teens don't even have a Swiss army knife nowadays.

11. Teen Room Decor

Another gift I feel, is a hit to give to teen boys, is room decor. I know you’re thinking no way, my teen will say he doesn't need it, and you may have to put it up for him yourself, but he’ll love it when it’s there. Most teen boys love to hang in their room a lot, so will appreciate a gift where they are surrounded by things they like.

For my teen sons, we have bought them basketball hoops for their room and there’s even one that doubles as a trash can! Glowing astronomy planets for their ceilings because they love astronomy, Star Wars ships and saber wall clings, a cool, new comforter, warm, fuzzy blankets, a lamp that’s unique, car and sports team posters etc. Of course, stick to their favorite hobby, fictional character, and team swag always.

12. Gift, Restaurant, or Movie Cards

Gift cards are the way to go when your teen boy is ultra fussy and likes his independence. Some of my teen’s favorite gift cards are for movies, restaurants, clothing, and most everyone’s fave, an Amazon gift card. Whichever places your teen loves, that’s the gift card you want to get him.

13. Sports or Gym Equipment

Most teen boys are into some kind of sport. My teen sons are big into basketball and gym right now and get excited over basketball shorts, t-shirts, and especially basketball shoes! You can make your gift extra special by buying something with a logo of his favorite team or athlete.

My eldest son is also into working out at the gym currently, and asked if he could get some gym equipment like a door pull-up bar. So, you can gift your son with small gym items like that or buy him some weights if he’s into exercising.

14. Clothing and Shoes

Teen boys are very much into clothes and shoes - more than we think! No matter if your teen dresses grungy or nice, he’ll like receiving clothes and shoes as a gift. It’s kind of a teen’s comfort zone. You can’t go wrong with clothes and especially sneakers as gifts for a teen boy, though you can go wrong if you choose something he doesn’t like!

Therefore, it’s best to choose these items if you know your teenager’s taste in clothing really, really well. Some of my teen son’s favorite items of clothing are hoodies, sneakers, basketball shoes, sweatpants, basketball shorts and tops, jeans, and tops with logos of their favorite teams or characters.

Buying your teen son a nice jacket is another option if you want to give your son a more expensive gift, as these range from just under $100 to way over.

Well there you have it! Some great gift ideas for Muslim teen boys that I have gifted to my teen sons. It’s a list that’s been verified by them and passed as super cool things to buy a teen boy - hope it helps you!

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Gift ideas for the Muslim Teen Boy

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