The Ultimate Hajj and Umrah Product Guide

Hajj and Umrah guide

Do you know someone whose going for Hajj or Umrah this year? Are you looking for some children’s products to teach your kids about the meaning of Hajj or Umrah? Maybe you’re going for Hajj or Umrah yourself and need some tips on what to get.

To save you the time of scouring for Hajj gifts, Hajj decorations, and Hajj products, sister Farhat of the website, and myself, compiled a list of our best Hajj and Umrah products as a guide just for you!

As sister Farhat is a Hajji already - alhumdulillah, and I’m not yet one (inshallah one day), I felt that her valuable advice would be super helpful in compiling this list with me. After all who should know better about the needs of Hajj than one who has already traveled on this amazing pilgrimage.


1. A Hajj Bag, Backpack, or Money Belt


Sister Farhat advises having a decent bag as an essential product for a pilgrim. A cross body bag is perfect to keep valuables, documents, and essentials organized and close by. If you prefer, or travelling with kids, you may need something larger, so a sturdy backpack might be the way to go. For those who need just the bare essentials with them, a money bag might be a better option.

2. A Hajj & Umrah Guide

Sister Farhat recommends this book, as she used it when she performed her Hajj. The Hajj & Umrah Made Easy Guide is a step by step, practical, unique, and complete guide to Hajj & Umrah and includes:

  • An Arabic transliteration of duas.

  • World’s 1st Adjustable Travel Cord.

  • Wire bound flip format which is easily held in one hand.

  • Safety and health tips, travel information, and duas.

  • Hajj procedures explained.

  • Unique diagrams, Makkah map, color-coded pages.

  • All information according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

3. A Pair of Comfortable Sandals


Once again, sister Farhat recommends quality sandals as an essential product for the pilgrim. She says, “I cannot over-emphasize the importance of wearing comfortable, sensible shoes when you go for Hajj, do not skimp on this! You will not regret spending more money on these and can easily slip them into your bag when you go to pray.”

4. A Hajj Outfit


I’ve heard from other Hajjis that wearing comfortable, light clothes will make your pilgrimage much easier. Therefore, finding the appropriate Hajj garb to wear that is loose, cool, and modest is another must-have and not always easy to find. Here’s two good ideas of outfits for the pilgrim.

5. A Hajj Journal


Sister Farhat advises having a Hajj journal as well. She recommends the Muslimommy Dua Journal because you can maximize saying your supplications while on Hajj and Umrah. You can do this by recording your duas before you leave for Hajj or Umrah for each aspect of your life, and for every special person you know. During your pilgrimage, you can use your journal to write your reflections as well as refer to the duas you wish to say at the appropriate times. Thank you sister Farhat for recommending one of my bestsellers! ;-)


1. Hajj Mugs

hajj mugs

The Hajj Mubarak Mug, is a nice Hajj gift for a Hajji returning home. This mug was designed by Farhat Amin and is 11 oz with a text that reads, Hajj Mubarak, which is permanently printed on both sides of the mug. She also offers personalized Hajj mugs. You can purchase any of these products on her website or her Etsy store.

hajj mug personalised

2. Hajj Decorations


If you have a loved one returning from Hajj, have a look at sister Farhat’s luxury range of Hajj Decorations, Hajj cards, Hajj balloons, and Hajj gifts. Her Hajj Collection has everything you need to make a Hajj party everything you want it to be! You can purchase them HERE or HERE.


1. Hajj Storybooks For Kids


These Hajj storybooks for kids are great ways for your child to learn and to experience how pilgrims plan and go for Hajj. They will feel the awe of the journey of a lifetime as the characters share their experience of the pilgrimage in a storytelling.

3. Hajj Activity & Fact Books For Kids


My children enjoyed these books when they were young as some of them are coloring and activity books about the Hajj. The other is a Hajj fact book which is another enjoyable read for kids. When children learn through creativity, it helps them learn faster, and in this case, learn about the Hajj with fun!

Inshallah, I hope this ultimate Hajj and Umrah Product Guide helps you or your family and friends with any Hajj and Umrah needs. Take a look at sister Farhat’s Ultimate Hajj Gift Guide to see more options. Happy shopping and Hajj Maqbool!

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Ultimate Hajj and Umrah Guide For Pilgrims

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