Have A Book Club With Your Kids


I used to homeschool my kids, and when I did, we read a lot of great books. However, when my kids started going to school, they didn’t read many good books anymore.

The public school gave my children books that were more of a leisurely nature to promote them to read. This was fine for a while because if a child reads even a decent comic book, it’s better than not reading a book at all or being on a device.

Nowadays, with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, children are getting lazier to read long books, books without pictures, and especially classic books. And let me tell you, reading a classic book has no comparison whatsoever to reading books of fluff. I knew that if I wanted well-rounded smarter kids, I'd have to make a special effort to instill good books into their lives.

I love to read myself, and being part of a book club with friends or like-minded people is such a treat. So I am always on the lookout for the next book club nearby. Though recently, I did not have time to find one with the genre I liked. Then one fine day, a solution came to my mind, why don’t I have a book club with my kids! It would solve both issues of getting my kids to read good books, as well as fulfill my need to be part of a book club. Not to mention that it would be a great time to connect with my children and have stimulating discussions. So I made that one of my goals for the new year.

Why Should Kids Read Good Books?

  • Good books often contain thought-provoking and ethical situations which can lead to character development in children. Reading books is not only about becoming a good reader, but also a good person. Some studies tell us that people who read classics grow up smarter and are more ethical.

  • Good books teach children how they can persevere through struggles, overcome injustice, and realize the repercussions of vengeance.

  • Good books open up a child’s mind to different worlds, different cultures, and various historical perspectives. Good literature bridges race, culture, religion, and geography.

  • Reading good books is excellent for expanding children’s minds as these books usually have strong ideas. Even though you may agree or disagree with these ideas, it is the best way to discover the strength and validity of your thoughts.

  • Reading good books are challenging for children, and it is essential for children to feel challenged. It helps kids to feel a sense of accomplishment that they can achieve something difficult.

  • Reading good books is lasting for children because these types of books leave an impact on their minds and will stay with them into adulthood.

  • Good books teach children about real life hardships, human nature, and good and evil which keeps kids from being too naive about the world.

How I Form A Simple Book Club With My Kids

  • First, I research and make a list of great books for kids to read in their lifetime.

  • I assign a bookshelf to store our range of books and for easy find.

  • Next, I divide the book list into age-appropriate categories.

  • I start by allocating books we already own from our bookshelf.

  • Alternatively, I will place on hold some books we don't own at our local library.

  • If we do not have some great books that are keepers, I will buy them on Amazon to add to our bookshelf.

  • I assign each of my children and for myself one book to read (either for the month or for two weeks depending on how busy we are and how difficult is the read).

  • Each weekday we allocate a specific time (e.g., after dinner) to sit together and read a few pages or chapters from our assigned books. We read anywhere from 30 mins to an hour.

  • If I cannot read my book for whatever reason, I will be nearby and do my work while my kids continue to read their books.

  • On weekends I check my children’s progress and ask them some basic questions to see if they read their book instead of skimmed it.

When I first began instilling good reading books with my children, and especially when I started the book club, my kids complained and were quite lazy about it. Some of them were yawning and got lethargic, but I ignored it, told them they could not touch their devices until they read a few pages, and gave them time to adjust.

I can honestly say that every single one of my children began to appreciate the books they were reading. Without a doubt, there will be some books your kids don’t like because it doesn't appeal to their nature. In this case, I usually play it by ear and change the books around according to their personality or tell them it's a one time read they need to accomplish.

The Benefits I Noticed From Good Books

  • My children were having more stimulating conversations with one another as they shared their stories.

  • They were impressed with the intricate stories and details compared to other books.

  • They felt privileged to be regarded as smart enough to read adult classics - this was such a boost for their confidence.

  • They became quite engrossed in their books after a while and were spent less time on their devices.

  • You will begin to see the results over time as your children speak better, have a better vocabulary, and can relate to life’s ups a down with a lot more understanding!

Here’s Some of The Books My Kids Have Read and Loved

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