Interview With A Working Mom


I interviewed a mom in the community who had some wise words to share about juggling being a mom and running a business at the same time. a mix that can be challenging and straining. But here today, I have sister Joemyma, who has found the key to achieving this with great success. A dynamic mother of two daughters and a young grandmother of four, she runs a home and has her own business...making time to put her faith first.

ME: Asalamualiakum Sister Joemyma. Jazakallah khair for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us.

SISTER JOEMYMA: Wa Alaikum Salaam! (Smiles). It’s always good to take a bit of a break.

ME: So sister, explain to me a day in the life of a mom who works from home?

SISTER JOEMYMA: My day does not start off properly if I sleep through Fajr salaah. So I wake up and pray my Fajr and alhumdullilah, Allah (SWT) gives me the energy to achieve the most from my day. I begin by switching on my laptop, (remind you, I was once a lady that called it an internet machine), and then I start sending out emails to motivate my consultants to keep their heads high and their sales even higher. I run a beauty business and I am currently a team leader for a company. I have 50 consultants on my team. Running such a large team of ladies means that I have to lead from the front and be a good example.

ME: Wow, Alhumdulillah it sounds like you are an early riser?

SISTER JOEMYMA: Yes, I have always been an early riser, but I also like to work with no interruptions (laughs). I take a break at about 8 AM to start my cooking. It’s always a good idea to plan your menus weekly, so you don’t end up being short of ingredients and unprepared to make your meals.

ME: So you are saying that getting an early start is your main reason for staying organized?

SISTER JOEMYMA: Absolutely! It helps my day to run smooth and as planned. So after I cook the meal for the day at 8 AM, I start to clean and tidy around the house. I also get a helper once or twice a week, to help me with the more strenuous chores.

ME: You seem to have a lot of energy mashAllah, where do you get this energy?

SISTER JOEMYMA: Alhamdulillah, Allah (SWT) gives me the strength! Also, my family helps me keep the house tidy, especially on Thursdays, when I get my deliveries and I need to try to check all my stock on that day. Because come Friday, I have the pressure to deliver the stock to my consultants.

ME: Mashallah, you seem to have it all under control?

SISTER JOEMYMA: It has its challenges, but I am very grateful to Allah (SWT) that I can run a business from home. I am able to make my prayers on time and see to my household and family as well as earn an income.

ME: Is there a day that you take time off?

SISTER JOEMYMA: Yes of course, that is the key! To plan your day and week. I have business time, family time and most importantly, time for Allah (SWT). I make sure that we have at least one meal together as a family, and on Thursday evenings, we all take at least 1.5 hours out of our busy schedule to read the Quran as a family.

ME: Mashallah, that is a very nice idea! And you are a young grandmother as well, so what happens when your grandson comes around?

SISTER JOEMYMA: When my beautiful, very active grandson comes around, it is a bit more challenging, because I just want to spend time with him. And that is why planning is so important for me. I keep a planner, and use it to schedule my time, so that I have time for everything and everyone. I cannot go a day without my planner!

ME: What is your advice for working moms who run a home with small children and are juggling a career?

SISTER JOEMYMA: My advice, is to keep your faith strong and remember Allah SWT in times of hardship. You need to have schedules in place that can be adapted when necessary. Our children are our first priority, and I believe that Allah (SWT) is happy with the mother who sees to her child's needs. Allah (SWT) has indeed given women the incredible strength to juggle so many chores, run a happy home, and of course, not forgetting a happy husband!

ME: Jazakallah for your time sister Joemyma, your insight will really help many women understand the challenge of embarking on a career while running a home, Inshallah. Asalamualiakum!

SISTER JOEMYMA: It was my pleasure, walukuimusalaam!

AUTHOR JAHAAN -As a first time mom and a student in child psychology, I have been given the opportunity to understand the roles of various moms and dads, and to learn about all types of character traits in children. Working with children has always been a passion of mine, and I find kids highly intriguing. I believe that children hold the key to the future. I have a passion for writing and a creative mind. I always remember that when times are tough, we are never alone - Allah is always there.