Little Bunny Preschool Skills

Little Bunny Preschool Skills

Little Bunny Preschool Skills

Preschool children learn about their whole body. Playing games and making crafts, activates the connections that lay the groundwork for future learning. An older child learns well with written words and lectures, but a young child learns best with activities.

My daughter is a preschool teacher and we created the 3-in-1 Printable. Each 3-in-1 Printable is a set of coloring sheets, a matching game, and a miniature book. The printables are designed to help develop the basic skills a preschooler needs to acquire, along with teaching the preschool concepts of counting, opposites, and learning letters.

All the 3-in-1 Printables are coloring sheets. Coloring helps a small child develop the fine motor skills that will eventually lead to writing and typing.

The printables can be cut apart along the dashed lines to make a matching game. Learning to use scissors is another important fine motor skill. All the printables are designed with straight lines, the first cutting skill a young child learns. Matching the pairs teaches the child basic organization and logic skills that later are essential for algebra and science. Playing the matching game with siblings, playmates or classmates adds the additional benefit of learning social skills to cooperate and work as a team.

After cutting apart, each of the printables can be reassembled into a small book. The child can read their own book and reinforce the academic concepts. Creating the book allows the child to use their creative and artistic expression while creating a cover, their fine motor skills while constructing the book, and their organization and logic skills to assemble the pages.

But your preschooler doesn't need to know any of this. For them, it is just a cute coloring sheet, a fun game and a little book to call their own.

Little Bunny 3-In-1 Printable Booklets

Here is a fun way to teach your children their ABCs and 123s along with Opposites and how to Tidy Up. They are called 3 in 1 Printables. Three fun things to do with one printable. Just print off the 3-in-1 Printable and get started.

Step 1

For a quiet time, your child can color in the printable using whatever you have on hand, crayons, markers or colored pencils.

IMG_3657 (2)

IMG_3657 (2)

There are printables for:

  • Each letter of the alphabet with pictures of things that start with the letters featured on the page

  • The numbers 1 to 20 with little creatures to count

  • Learning opposites and even a printable to learn about tidying up their room and house

Step 2

Then your child can use their coloring sheet for a fun matching game.

IMG_3663 (1)

IMG_3663 (1)

  • Let your child cut apart the printables along the dashed lines

  • Then scramble the pieces and place it face up on a flat surface and find the matching pairs

  • They can play as many times as they like

  • They can match the uppercase and lowercase letters, the numbers with the creatures, the opposites and where things belong when they clean up

Step 3

Now your child knows their ABCs, 123s, Opposites and how to Tidy Up, let them make a book of their art work.

IMG_3698 (1)

IMG_3698 (1)

  • Match back to back the pages so it reads like a book.

  • Big A is the first page facing little a, and big B is back to back with little a

  • Let your child make their book as long as they like, or make lots of little books

  • Simply glue the pages back to back and then staple the pages together at the binding

  • If you don't have a stapler they can do lots of creative things to bind their book. They can try sewing the pages together or run a ribbon through holes cut with a hole punch

  • Do you have some old key rings around? Your child can use it to hold their book together. Or simply tape the pages together. Use whatever you have handy.

Step 4

Now it’s time for your child to be creative, let them decorate their cover with anything you have that will make a cover they like.

IMG_3721 (1)

IMG_3721 (1)

  • Bits of fabric

  • Sparkles or stickers

  • Cut-out colored paper

  • Crayons, markers, pens and pencils. Anything you have around that is fun for them to create with.

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About the Author: Dianne Miller is a landscape painter who lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. Her work includes the Little Bunny series written for her children when they were preschoolers. The simply written and illustrated books gently guide Little Bunny through the challenges of life. You can find tons of original, free printables and the Little Bunny series at: