My Planner Suggestion For The New Year

My Planner Suggestions For The New Year

I have always been a planner junkie! I cannot and will not turn to a digital planner anytime soon. Why? Because I absolutely love the accomplished feeling I get from writing down my to-do’s and scratching it off my list.

Then there’s the ascetic aspect of having a nice new planner, which I pretty much compare to the joy I receive from buying a new handbag! Think of Mcgyver from the 80’s without his Swiss Army knife - that’s my planner and me, it’s an extension of my life. This year my current favorite planner is The Happy Planner by MAMBI.


  • I can add and remove pages as needed.

  • I love the disc concept over rings.

  • I can customize it and make it personal by making my own printables.

  • I love the colorful, happy covers and interior.

  • I love the motivational quotes and inspiration.

  • Last but not least, I create and offer printable inserts that will fit in The Happy Planner - yay!!!

How I Set Up My Happy Planner

Choose A Planner

If you’re frugal like me, you can buy the 18-month planner and it lasts 1.5 years! However, it only comes out around mid-year following the school calendar.

In the beginning of the year you can buy the 12-month option which has many pretty designs. I prefer the classic size as it is not too small or too big, and I love the floral and watercolor choices like the ones below.

The usual Happy Planner contains the basic calendars, the monthly spreads, weekly inserts, and the tab dividers.

Add An Extension Pack

Next, depending on the goals I am focusing on currently, I will add an extension pack to help me stay on track. I have added inserts like health and fitness, budgeting, and meal planning similar to the ones below.

Add Accessories

When I first bought my planner, I add some accessories that helped make my planner more dependable, convenient, and super organized. I choose accessories like a pen holder, a pencil pouch, pocket folders, photo sleeves etc.

Add Planner Stickers

At first, I did not get into planner stickers. I felt it was another thing to worry about. However, when I bought a pack of stickers one day, I discovered why it has become so popular!

The stickers help you save the time of having to re-write the consistent things you do each day or week. Add stickers like go to gym, appointment, pay bills etc.on days that those things are due.

Also, the stickers add a cute element to your planner which makes you look forward to using it and thus motivated. It sorta becomes a hobby - but a productive one! Also, contrary to what I believed, it is quite cost effective as one pack can last you the full year or longer.

You also do not need to purchase The Happy Planner stickers only, as there are other brands of stickers that fit. I have seen such cute ones on Amazon and Etsy and I will also be offering customized stickers for a #muslimalife soon! These are some of my faves:

My Personal Inserts

This is my absolute favorite aspect of The Happy Planner - the ability to add my own printable inserts because of the disc-bound aspect. There are certain inserts that I will not find in any store such as inserts for my life as a Muslima and Mom. That’s why I have created some HP planner options that I will be using, and I’m offering it for the first time on Muslimommy! Here’s what’s available currently:

DIY Planner Accessories

If you are going to add your own inserts, whether you make your own, buy some on Etsy, or puchase the ones in my store, you will need some accessories to help you add it to your planner. It’s not necessary, but it saves time and is super helpful.

I own the pink MAMBI paper punch because it punches the exact type of holes I need for my Happy Planner. The pink one is for any size but there is also a cheaper blue punch by the same company.

There are ways to punch holes with a regular hole punch but it does takes more time. I also have a paper trimmer to cut the pages of my printables to the exact size with ease.

When you print your planner pages, it will print your planner inserts on the usual paper size of your printer (8.5” x 11'“ in U.S or A4 in other countries). Once again, you can use a pair of scissors to cut, but takes more time. With #momlife, I purchased the ones below, as I am going to use it a lot.


So there you have it! My planner choice for the new year is a Personalized Happy Planner. Don’t forget to check out my new customized planner inserts if you are going to use The Happy Planner too. The inserts I offer can also be printed in other sizes if you change the setting on your printer options - so it should fit other planners! You can also print it as regular US or A4 size if you set your printer to print it in full-size.

You can also find my inserts in my new ETSY SHOP at PureDeZigns if you prefer to purchase it there. I am offering a 20% coupon on my shop there if you buy 2!

Happy planning and a safe and successful new year!

*This post contains affiliate links. Your purchases costs nothing extra but assists me to keep doing what I do and with website expenses. Thank you so much! <3