Our Transition From Homeschool To School Podcast

Transition From Homeschool to School.jpg

A reader on Instagram sent me a series of questions asking me about my family’s transition from homeschool to school outside our home. I cover the questions below in my podcast.

  1. What were your struggles that made you move back to school?

  2. Do you regret putting your kids in school?

  3. Do you feel guilty about your decision?

  4. Do you think it was the best decision?

  5. Do you feel like things have become easier now that your kids are in school?

  6. Did your kids want to go to school or not, before your decision?

  7. Were your kids okay with the decision and how did they manage the transition?

  8. Were you and your husband on the same page about homeschool and school?

Are you struggling with homeschool or schooling your kids? Do you need help deciding if either one is right for your family?

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