The Personal Kid's Planner


What is the Personal Kid's Planner?

It is a helpful and kid-friendly 15-page any year kid planner in 4 awesome colors, tailored especially for children and for the busy parent who wants their kids to become more independent, organized and prepared. The Personal Kid's Planner will help your child know what is expected of him/her and avoid the usual excuses that cause lack of productivity. The planner will help your child keep track of things like their chores, homework, hygiene or any to-do's in a simple and easy-to-follow method. If used consistently and regularly, it can remove a lot of pressure from the parent by ensuring your child stays on track!

Why is the Personal Kid's Planner so special?

It is a planner that I compiled for my own children and part of a set of planners that I have been designed over the years as a mom of six. It was developed in order to organize my life, home, and kids, and free-up more of my time that is usually lost by feeling unorganized. This planner is a huge help for any busy parent who wants to keep their children on top of their duties and to help them achieve their goals.

Why is a kid's planner a good idea?

Life is super busy for parents nowadays and our children have so much pressure as well. We expect them to remember to perform all their duties and we become upset when they don't keep to it. I find that the number one excuse children say when they are asked about completing their task is, "I forgot". My motivation in creating this planner was for this very reason - not to have to hear that phrase again. Also, children get distracted easily and a planner helps them keep up with their tasks and they learn to focus,by following checklists and schedules. With the Personal Kid's Planner, children can refer to their planners often and know exactly what needs to be done and when.

How is the Personal Kid's Planner useful?

I created the planner to include 15 pages of templates and charts, with clear and easy to follow instructions to help a child keep track of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. The Personal Kid's Planner can be used with children as young as age 5 with a parent's assistance, but is most effective for a child who can read and write already. Each day my children access their individual planners so they know what is expected of them and what's ahead of their day. This helps kids complete their tasks more effectively and reduces a lot of strain on mommy. There is no need for constant reminders to get each child up and moving to do their duties. It also helps a child to grow-up with good organizational habits. I personally feel that everyone needs a planner and our children should have one too in order to help them become more productive and efficient adults.

So what's included in the Personal Kid's Planner?

  • Ready-to-use printables to print, fill where applicable, added to a 3-ring binder, and checked each day for your kids to achieve their goals.

  • A simple and kid-friendly styled layout and font was used to create a visually appealing planner.

  • Carefully chosen colors, tables and topics were created for ease of use and relevancy.

  • An eye-catching cover made just for kids and inside is a place to write their name to personalize it.

  • A 15-page printable planner format in PDF for easy download and printing.

  • A dates-to-remember page for your child to write their special days in each month.

  • A morning, afternoon, and evening schedule with time spans to help your child to know when they need to perform their tasks at different times of the day.

  • A weekend schedule for those days that are more relaxed and their schedule changes.

  • A categorized To-Do list for kids to jot down what they need to do in different areas of their duties - Chores, Homework, Hygiene, Deen, Hobbies, Sports etc.

  • A goal list to help kids to set goals for themselves, with due dates and a check boxes to motivate.

  • A hobby list for kids to refer to when they don't know what to do and need some ideas when they feel bored.

  • A progress log for kids to write down their strengths and weaknesses in order to self-reflect and solve it.

  • A good deeds tracker for children to write down what they do to help family and others to motivate more charitable acts.

  • A reward page to write down what your child can reward him/herself for accomplishing their goals.

  • A special notes page to jot down any thoughts or memories.

So go ahead and purchase your child his/her very own Personal Kid's Planner to help them be more productive with their time. The planner comes in 4 different colors and 2 designs - pink or purple flowers and blue or green stars.