Ramadan Acts Of Kindness Book For Kids

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness


This Ramadan download is meant for parents who are looking for random acts of kindness ideas, for their children to give to others, and share a little Sunnah along the way. It includes notes for strangers, that are written in a way that the receiver will know it is Ramadan, and have a subtle mention of our Prophet's (saw) beautiful ways to spread dawah too.

If you have not heard about random acts of kindness, then let me explain. It is a random kind act that you do for a complete stranger, or for someone you know. It can be a pay-it-forward act, where you want to do something kind for someone, in hopes that they will be inspired to do something kind for another, or it can be to make someone feel happy or just make them smile. These acts are done purely for the pleasure of Allah and teach one to give selflessly.

Most people leave notes, favors, and gifts for complete strangers, and others will hand it to someone who is serving them. Personally, I don't think it needs to be given only to strangers, but the anonymity of it does teach our children a valuable lesson about receiving gratitude only from Allah, with no need to hear it from the person. Also, leaving the favor or notes, instead of handing it out, is sometimes a safer choice for children dealing with strangers.

These acts can be done along the way when you do your usual errands, so no need to make it hectic. Keep it simple and do what you can, even if all you can do is leave a note for someone without a gift or favor attached, it is still an act of charity. It is a good idea to teach your children to make their intentions to Allah swt, before embarking on their acts of kindness. The Ramadan Random Acts of Kindness printable is a 6-page color download, that includes:

*An Instructions page that will explain how to do it, with ideas of how you can do it.

*A pre-written note for someone to attach to a small gift or favor

*A pre-written note for someone who is Muslim to attach to a small gift or favor

*A pre-written note wishing someone a nice day

*A pre-written note wishing someone Muslim a nice day

*A pre-written note telling someone a nice compliment

*A pre-written note telling someone Muslim a nice compliment

These charitable acts can teach our children to be kind and giving towards others, and serve as lessons in selflessness and dawah. Ramadan is the month of giving and sacrifice, and what a better time to start these habits in our children for life inshAllah!

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