A Review of Noor Kids Books


"My brother and I found purpose: let’s make sure that our children don’t experience the same challenges with their Muslim identity that we did."     Amin Aaser, Creator of Noor Kids

My children and I, had the pleasure of reviewing a wonderful set of books by Noor Kids - A Light For Little Muslims, by the talented authors, Amin and Mohammed Aaser. These books are designed for 3 to 8 year olds, but shhh...don't tell, we have witnessed older kids loving it too! We were amazed to discover that these books have entered over 25,000 homes, and across 25 countries, Subhanallah, that's pretty popular.

What We Loved About Noor Kids Books

We were surprised to see that each book has 2 stories instead of just one - that was a bonus for us! The inside cover shows the main characters right away, namely - Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira. This helped my children to be familiarized with the characters immediately and learn some of their personality traits.

My children really enjoyed the quizzes, puzzles, and even some coloring pages that are present in the books, this helped them to interact with the story, instead of only listen and read it.

There is science and history facts to learn which we did not expect but we appreciated, and it is related to the story as well. The illustration quality is vividly colorful and very kid friendly and the characters are cute and easy to love.

Why We Think Noor Kids Books are Educational

Each story has a main moral, and remember each book has two stories, so we learned two main morals per book, Alhamdulillah!

The stories have questions that made my children think more deeply about the situation that the characters were facing as they imagined being in their shoes.

There are also Islamic lessons to be learned, such as discovering the names of Allah and what the Quran says in relation to the problem in the story. This made us see how beautiful our Deen is, because it answers the issues we face in everyday life.

The back cover also has Arabic words to teach your children some Arabic, and my kids learned quite a few new words that they didn't know.

What We Say About Noor Kids Books

"I really liked reading these stories to my siblings, because the characters were funny for them and my younger siblings could relate to their personalities." - Asiya, 12

"When I read these stories to my younger sisters, I felt that it wasn't just a regular story book, it had activities and each story taught them something good." - Ismet, 10

"I thought the stories were fun, because some of the stories rhymed and the characters always looked at the positive side of things." - Sayfullah, 9

"I liked what the stories were about and the characters personalities. I loved that it had coloring and games and that the characters were animals" - Mariam, 8

I honestly was pleasantly surprised by Noor Kids Books, because I did not think there would be so much valuable lessons to be learned from each book. My children found it attractive and colorful to the eye, and thoroughly enjoyed the characters dialogue and expressions. I was pleased by the layout and the different presentation of valuable lessons in a format I have not seen in other Islamic books for kids. Noor Kids is Muslimommy approved as being kid-friendly!

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