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This is a continuation of my previous podcast on Maintaining Healthy Friendships. In this podcast I discuss the signs of toxic friends. These were signs that I have experienced first hand with friends that I thought were true, but in fact were not good company.

Most times we are not aware that we are dealing with toxic friends due to ignorance, lack of experience, and not being able to comprehend a toxic character. I discuss 13 signs of toxic friends in hopes that you become more aware of who you choose to spend your precious time with.

In my podcast I discuss these 13 signs more in-depth:

  1. When she’s full of drama most of the time.

  2. It’s mostly about her, never about you.

  3. She doesn’t motivate you or lift you up.

  4. She’s in competition with you, instead of supportive of you.

  5. She secretly copies you, yet you never receive kudos for it.

  6. She doesn’t respect your boundaries at all.

  7. She’s exceptionally needy and not very independent.

  8. She’s jealous of your other friendships.

  9. She makes you feel responsible for her using guilt.

  10. She tends to be hypocritical - you’re judged, but she’s not.

  11. She will lie and manipulate you to get what she wants.

  12. You never move up with her as she depletes your good vibes.

  13. Your body doesn’t feel relaxed around her and she doesn’t bring you sakinah.

Are you struggling in a toxic friendship?

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