Simple Advice for Busy Moms

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This is my first post on Muslimommy and I am so pleased to share the moments of motherhood with my sisters from around the world! I hope the information on my site will simplify your role as a mother who runs a busy household while rearing and educating your children inshallah. Motherhood is a beautiful and enriching experience, an ibadah for our hearts, it only becomes burdensome when:

*We do not accept our motherhood role as honorable

*We try to do too much too soon

*We only attempt to please others and not ourselves

*We are mismanaged and unorganized

Motherhood can be simplified a lot more than we know, and we can make our experience less strenuous and more enjoyable. We can find the strength to appreciate being a mother, amidst the chaos, confusion, messy, yelling, crying, laughing, crazy, beautiful, spiritual, loving, and comforting moments in motherhood. No matter how many children one has, being a parent is the real challenge and the number of kids may multiply this challenge, but we all face a similar outcome.

So what are the first steps to reach our goals?

♥ To Have Structure and Organization

The structure is achieved by using schedules for home and kids. It will help you to nag less and make your children more responsible. When you use simple guidelines for you or your little ones that are easy to follow, everyone knows what to expect and the what, why and where are covered. Getting your household organized by de-cluttering your surroundings and categorizing your belongings, will also create an orderly work space, and cause less stressful moments for you as a mommy.

♥ To Take Time for Yourself

Taking time to be a woman and not only a mother, gives a mom the energy to carry on week by week and the freshness to do things well. Remembering who you were before you became a mom, is sometimes lost in the selfless role of motherhood, you need to have an outlet that maintains your individuality. Taking time for yourself should be considered a necessity and not a luxury.

♥ To Understand Your Children

In understanding your children and how they perceive the world at different age levels is crucial to a parent’s success when educating them. If we do not know how our children learn and what they are capable of doing, how can we set expectations for them? Sometimes our biggest strain is trying to raise over-achieving kids. When we understand the mind of a child and remember that their focus should be on the akhira, we will find much relief.

♥ To Keep Things Simple

My favorite quotes as a mom, when times get tough are, 'don't sweat the small stuff' & 'keep it simple.' Do not complicate your life with maintaining unnecessary rigor and rules concerning your kids or your home, always take the route of simplicity, and you will see how much time you can free up to do things that are more important. We need to lose the high expectations and enjoy our kids because before we know it, they have left our homes to start their own.

♥ To Have Faith

Last but not least, having faith in Allah (SWT) and knowing that He does not give a soul more than she can bear, as well as having the patience and fortitude to realize that all sacrifices, especially in motherhood, are immensely rewarded. All of us strive for something in this world, and we are prepared to endure tough days to get there. Motherhood is our ticket to Jannah inshallah, so imagine our endurance when we set our focus on that!

To conclude, I want to mention that alhumdulillah being a mom of six kids close in age, having no extended family nearby to help, relocating multiple times, and pretty much learning from trial and error, I feel blessed. My mindset stays positive only when I remember to put my trust in Allah and that my plight is by the Qadr Allah - He is our lifeline.

The strength and success to be a practicing Muslima, a good wife, a nurturing mother, and all the various hats we wear, is only achieved through our faith and trust in our Lord. When we begin to cherish our role as a mother, enjoy our family for who they are, and realize that life is shorter than we think, it will remind us to stay the course. Remember, what you put in, is what you get out!

Thank you for joining me on this journey of motherhood. Be sure to subscribe below and be part of the mommyhood!