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Superfoods To Consume During Ramadan

I pray you are all having lovely days of fasting filled with the Blessings and Forgiveness from Allah SWT. During one Jumuah at the masjid in Ramadan, a young boy fainted in the line in front of my husband. This sad occurrence reminded me to ponder and share advice for us moms.

If our young children want to fast, we should ensure that they are eating a good suhoor and iftaar. This could include dates, water, fruit, vegetables, protein, and fiber.

I know many parents want to reward their children with desserts and treats during Ramadan, especially if they fast. However, try to make those treats secondary, and keep it for after they eat the good stuff first.

Here is a wonderful article that will guide us and our children, in the best way, for eating during Ramadan and after.

Super Foods (for Ramadan) - By Umme Faatimah - B.Dietetics University of Pretoria, SA (edited by Muslimommy)

We have so casually adapted the modern culture of unhealthy eating, moving further and further away from the Noble teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Yet, the newest nutritional research continues to discover the benefits of certain foods, labelled as “Super Foods”. They have also unraveled the great benefits of certain eating habits, such as washing the hands before and after meals, eating with the hands, not drinking with meals, to mention a few. However, all of this has already been outlined in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah more than 1400 years ago.

We are certainly the losers if we do not make an effort to practice upon the Sunnah in our homes and kitchens. What better time to bring about these changes than now. Our beautiful Deen offers us the opportunity during the beautiful month of Ramadan, to bring about positive changes in our lives- changes that benefit us mentally, physically and spiritually which Insha Allah can be sustained for the future.

Physically, fasting gives the digestive system a much needed rest. Energy normally used for digestion is now directed to body detoxification, tissue repair and system healing. With that in mind I have chosen to highlight just a few of the favorite foods of our Noble Messenger of Allah (Pbuh). With the special month of Ramadan fast approaching, we can all ensure we have these foods on our shopping lists. InshaAllah, by us adopting the lifestyle of The Noble Messenger of Allah (Pbuh), we will be rewarded enormously.


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