Teach Your Child Knitting


One of the crafts my children really wanted to learn was to knit, so I decided to look for some helpful videos that showed us how to do it from scratch. Knitting had lost it's popularity many years ago, but has made a comeback - that's great news for kids! As a child, I had learned to do all types of handcrafts in school, and today I am able to learn new types of stitches and methods faster, and I'm not daunted by projects, because I had learned the basics already. The factor now is lack of time!

But my children have the time, and for me the teaching is the awkward and time-consuming part. Therefore I searched for easy video tutorials to teach them how to knit, and I find it much easier and more professional for us all. Here is an explanation of what knitting is for your children:

Knitting is merely the process of using two or more needles to loop yarn into a series of connected loops, to create a garment. It originated as a basic human need for clothing to protect against the cold, but hand knitting has become less necessary and more of a hobby nowadays.

I prefer to start my children off with bigger needles and thicker wool, so their project moves faster and they don't' get bored from lack of progress. Also, I prefer to follow patterns that are straight - like knitting a neck scarf in one kind of stitch, then after they have more experience, I will show them other stitches. Thereafter, they can choose to make something more complicated, like a bag or cap if they wish.

These quick, easy and simple videos by Alex Toys that I found, are great for beginners! So if you have ever wanted to teach your children how to knit, I hope it helps you start out Inshallah.

How To Cast- On Stitches

How To Knit Stitch

How To Cast-Off Stitches

A big thanks to AlexToysVideos on YouTube for these helpful videos!