Teach Your Kids About The Hajj and The Amazing Ka'bah

Teach your kids about the Hajj and the amazing Kabah

The month of Dhul Hijjah is a very special month for Muslims. During the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, occurs the sacred days of the pilgrimage to Makkah known as the Hajj. The Prophet PBUH said:

“O people! Allah has prescribed Hajj upon you, so perform it.“

The Hajj is the fifth pillar in Islam and is a pilgrimage that all Muslims should embark upon once in their lifetime, if they are physically, mentally, and financially able. This pilgrimage is filled with great sacrifice and hardship, but has immense rewards.

That is why, even though this journey can be costly and difficult, many Muslims wish to fulfill this obligation to achieve it’s high merits. The Prophet PBUH said:

“Whoever performs Hajj and does not commit any obscenity or transgression will return (free from sins) as he was on the day his mother gave birth to him.” (Al-Bukhari)

The Prophet PBUH also said:

“The reward for a Hajj mabroor is nothing but Paradise” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

For those people who do not go for the Hajj, the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are still sacred days. There are still ways to gain rewards during this month along with the hajjis (Hajj pilgrims) even when you are at home. To learn how, read: Teach Your Kids About Dhul Hijjah

Going On Hajj Means Visiting The Sacred Ka’bah

One of the most amazing structures that the pilgrims will visit during the Hajj, will be the sacred Ka’bah, which is a House of Allah. The Ka’bah is also known as the Bait ul Haram which means, the Honorable House.

It is very fascinating to learn about the cubed structure of the Ka’bah, because it is filled with history and dates back to the first construction which was done by Prophet Adam A.S. Thereafter, Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail PBUT rebuilt the Ka’bah, and then Prophet Muhammad PBUH participated in its reconstruction as well.

The Ka’bah is also our qibla, which is the direction all Muslims turn toward when performing their salah to Allah five times a day! No matter where you live, we all face the same direction - towards this sacred House of Allah. How amazing is that?!

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Happy Dhul Hijjah dear friends and Hajj Maqbool to all the Hajjis!

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