Teach Your Kids About The Battle of Karbala

Teach your kids about the Battle of Karbala

The month of Muharram is a very blessed month in the Islamic Year and the 10th of Muharram, known as the Day of ‘Ashura is even more blessed. Many historical events occurred on the Day of ‘Ashura, and one of them is known as The battle of Karbala.

This battle was between the Prophet’s SAW grandson, Husayn Ibn Ali R.A and his supporters, and the Ummayad Caliph, Yazid Ibn Muawiyah and his military forces. This was a battle which exposed the forces between good and evil.

At that time, Yazid was pronounced the ruling Caliph by his father Muawiyah. Unfortunately, Yazid was not a good Muslim, he was a tyrant and oppressor who did not follow the laws of Islam. He wanted to rule the people with fear and corruption and tried to force Husayn R.A and his supporters to pledge allegiance to him. Husayn R.A could not think of pledging allegiance to Yazid, due to his character. So he refused and said these famous words:

"Anyone akin to me will never accept anyone akin to Yazid as a ruler."

Husayn R.A and his supporters left Makkah for a city known as Kufa in Iraq, because the people of Kufa would send letters claiming that they wanted to pledge allegiance to Husayn R.A. Sadly, the people of Kufa were not true to their word and betrayed Husayn R.A and his supporters when the time came. Before Husayn R.A and his supporters reached Kufa, they were forced by Yazid’s army to stop at a place known as Karbala, known today as Iraq. This was the place where Yazid invaded Husayn R.A and his supporters in a battle which ended in tragedy and a massacre for the Muslims. Sayiduna Husayn Ibn Ali R.A. was brutally killed alongside his supporters.

However, Allah SWT is the Best of Planners, and Yazid never achieved his outcome. Read more about the details of this battle in The Battle of Karbala Coloring Book For Kids.

Mourning On The Day of Ashura

Even though we are saddened by the horrific tragedy at Karbala, we do not go into mourning on the Day of ‘Ashura due to the martyrdom of the Prophet’s SAW grandson. Neither Allah SWT nor His Messenger SAW commanded us to mourn on the days of the tribulations of the Prophets, their deaths, or let alone anyone else.

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Happy Muharram dear friends!

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